A Massive Thank You

I have been busy recently with work and then I found that playing games has taken over my free time LOL.

Recently, for my HS classes, I getting my 1st grade students to write about who they want to say “Thank you” to. As I am a nice teacher, I always give them an example to follow and it totally got me thinking – I really do need to say a massive thank you to one person in particular.

So here it goes~

I am sure we all had that one teacher who we respected so much when we were at school. For me, there was one teacher whom I respected because she helped me a lot during my GCSEs. It maybe strange for me to say this, but during Middle School and High School, I struggled a lot with English. No one really took the time to teach me proper grammar and my spelling wasn’t that great either.

In Middle school, I was put in the second lowest class for English but I was struggling without getting the help I needed. The teacher told me that she was sorry she couldn’t give me the help I needed so I was moved to the lowest group. I felt so down but the teacher in that class was helpful and I think my English got better (well this was over 15 years ago).  Then before I entered High School, I went to the school’s summer camp for those about to enter who find English and Maths difficult. That also helped me and I was put into the second/third set for English in High School.

The first year of HS was tricky and we had a horrible English teacher, she was so horrible we made a petition to stop her being our English teacher. She left soon after. Then a new teacher replaced her. Ms Clarke was the best teacher I have ever had for English. I began to finally enjoy English classes, reading all the books and attempting to read out loud during class. But admittedly my English wasn’t the best. Ms Clarke was very kind and suggested that if I wanted I could stay after school on Friday’s to do my assignments where she is there to help me.  I stay for two hours after school working on my English work where Ms Clarke and another teacher were there helping those who were there. It was mostly like 3/4 students.  But I got a lot of help and I studied very hard. I managed to get a C for my GCSE. Now it might not sound like much to you. But as someone who managed to work her way up from the lowest set of English up to second set and managed a C is a lot of hard work.

But its not all about the C, is about a teacher who took an interest in her students, who offered her own time to help them and helped that quiet student who didn’t ask questions just sat down and did the work while her best friend next to her was probably the most talkative student in the class LOL. One teacher’s kind actions can make a deep impact on others. Ms Clarke left a huge impact and I continued to study and work on my English. For a few years, I kept books of poems that I write because it was the only way for me to express my feels during a very difficult relationship.

Then over 6 years ago I made the brave decision of getting a TEFL certification. I was able to study more and finally understand the grammar and terms. The following year in March, I moved to Japan to start working as an English teacher in High Schools. I am loving my job. The students make all the effort worth it. Okay I might still need to research some things about the grammar but I have found that from learning Japanese, I am able to fully understand my native language. If it wasn’t for that kind teacher who gave me the confidence to talk about myself, to ask questions and not be the shy girl in the class. I would have never thought I would enjoy teaching English here so much. I owe her so much for everything she did for me.

So, to Ms Clarke, thank you for being the best English I ever had and for inspiring me to do the same for my students.


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