Annoying Colleagues

Ok I know I’ve been annoyed with my colleagues in the past, but recently, the guy who works at the bar, Ivor, is really testing my patience.  He is only still working there because he has to a pay a mortgage, which really is a shit excuse “I’m sorry, I can’t leave because I have a mortgage to pay!” I am sorry but I don’t think I can take his crap any more. I was getting annoyed yesturday with his horrible carol singing in my ear as I try to sing. Even I can sing better than him, many people have told me I have a lovely singing voice but I don’t think I do untill now. I could have punched in the stomach to wind him so he would shut the hell up. I tried looking for my own copy of the carols but I didn’t find any spare.

But today, OMG I could have walked out with the way he treated me. I was working on the Restaurant, with my dear friend Ritch. We are more than capable of working the restaurant as we are the longest members of waiting staff. HOWEVER, Ivor decides to go into “manager” mode and start telling us to do our work. I am sorry, but he know how we do things in the restaurant? We had everything under control. Seriously, Ritch and I are a great team but Ivor goes and knocks me off balance and makes me angry. First off he tells me “When” I need to clear a table. I have my own eye’s, I can see when they are all finished. I am not a fucking dumbass you is blind. I’ve looked after the restaurant on my own many times and I’ve had no problem. I was even told that for the lunch time shift, he was sent home early because of his attitude.

Later on, Ivor decides to go and refil the gravy boat from a table, and he comes out from the kitchen saying “You should have done this”. I turn round and said to him ” then you should have asked me to”. I am getting fed up with his attitude but when he does come up to talk to me, he is like two inches away from my nose. I am sorry but the only person I want that close to my face is my fiance.

Oh but to top off the evening with constantly telling Ritch and I that a table has finished eaten is driving me round the freaking bend. Even when I am about to check to see if a table has finished, he moans at me and tells me to clear. Then when he comes to help us take out the food to the table, it pisses me off even more because he isn’t very good at what he does and when he is meant to be working at the bar, he doesn’t even stay there at all. He wonders off and decides he will come and piss off Ritch and I by thinking he is helping, when he is making things worse.

Then when Ritch and myself are discussing what to do about put the tables pre-ordered food on the till, he goes and says “am I just going to do your work for you, you lazy *something*?” I openly said “well leave it alone then”. If someone is going to complain about doing other people’s work for them, when they are meant to be working at a different post, you don’t constantly tell them what to do and then complain when they “decide” they are going to do the work instead.

If he attitude does no improve before my shift tomorrow, then I am going to scream. Oh and another thing, he is the nosiest fucking prick a fucking live. He is trying to get me to date someone on the shit hole that is the Isle of Wight. I am sorry, but I’ve dated a few people here and none of them even come close to my fiance, well he is my fiance.. DUH!! I really do hate it when people who don’t know me, try to tell me what to do. He is really going to get an ear ful tomorrow if he pisses me off like he did today.

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