Art Work Sucks!

I’ve been trying to work with water colour recently, and now I know what I find it hard to work with. I SUCK AT IT!!!!! I’ve tried varies things. Like a Stargazer Lily, portraits and another eye piece. But I’m totally not happy with them. They start off well, but then I end up ruining them. They really aren’t even worthy of posting on DA. I guess I should stick to Gouache Paints and drawing still life. Just about the only good thing I’m good at.

If I ever change my mind about uploading them, then be warned…. THEY SUCK!

I’m really not doing well recently. Work has gotten me so stressed that I went to the doctors and had a rather long chat. I have my assessment next month to see how bad my mental health actually is. Although I haven’t told my parents yet. So I’m sure they are going to get a shock when I keep leaving the house for meetings. But I’ve never been “well” for a while. So this is definitely a good thing. A chance to finally get better with the proper help rather than trying to deal with it alone.

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