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3 Days ~ REVIEW

3 DaysThe Micky (Park Yu Chun) fan girl is let loose once again!

And the man is back! It is hard to believe that his last Drama was 보고싶다 back in 2012. But this time he is not a cop, but bodyguard to the president of South Korea.

I saw the trailer this when I think I was watching 별에서 온 그대. It had Yu Chun in it and I was curious as to what kind of character he would play this time.

His character this time gets some cool fight scene’s this time where he gets to show his flexibility as a dancer into some very nice choreographed fight scene’s.

I do wonder if its Yu Chun’s personal preferences, or WHY THE HELL DOES HE WEAR TURTLE NECKS IN HIS DRAMA’S?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This question has baffled me for such a long time. No offence, Yu Chun, but please stop! They really don’t suit you. You are sexy in a suit, a lot cut t-shirt, and even a cardigan. But Turtle necks do nothing for you!! It just makes your head look small.

And why must he cry in all his drama’s?? I’ve yet to see a Yu Chun drama where doesn’t cry. I want to see him play a strong character who protects and doesn’t have an emotional break down because something bad happened to someone he knows.

It was a very interesting drama about a guy who is trying to find the reason behind his father’s sudden death and it relating to a confidential document that he had with him at the time. It has a few confusing scene’s where I wondered if they were really important or not. But it was interesting to watch. I wish there was more chemistry development between to the two lead characters, but this wasn’t a romance drama, so it suited the genre really well.

It is worth the watch if you like the detective kind of drama’s where there isn’t a strong presence of romance blooming over a few episodes. It really looks about one’s struggles to have to deal with personal emotions and their very important job where there could be huge consequences if something goes wrong.

But please watch and then write a comment below and tell me what you thought.

마녀의 연애 ~ REVIEW

Witch's RomanceDefinitely the best drama of 2014! I really wanted to marathon it, but I did well with my will power and watched it while it was still airing so only watching two episodes a week.

This drama was hilarious and romantic. I know that a prince is never going to sweep me off my feet like Dong Ha,  but at least I can dream.

It was great to see a young male lead playing a role where isn’t really forcing himself on the female. Instead, it was more of the supportive, caring and sexy side. With the added humour moments with his best friend acting like children, but it totally suited their characters.

This drama also interested me because of the age gap.  With the female being 14 years older than the male. But he is still totally legal and I wouldn’t push him away. I was a little sad when the fortune teller got dropped somewhere in the middle. She was an interesting character and I wondered where she would appear next. Only to never come T__T

This really is a romantic comedy that kept me entertained and I will definitely watch it again. Its a great recommendation for someone who has been working for a while and not gone looking for love only to find them selves falling for someone again after so long.

Its definitely worth the watch!!!  Also, please listen to the OST, 박서준/ Park Seo Jun has a great track which is used for some of the endings of the episodes. He has a great voice, so watch out for him!

미래의 선택 ~ Review

Marry Him If You DareI know a few people have written mixed views about this. So I watched to see what it was like.

Now I have to admit. I have never been annoyed with a love-interest character until Kim Shin. There was really something missing, and I personally, couldn’t figure out what Na Mi Rea saw in him. There wasn’t any spark or chemistry between them. Yet for someone reason she really liked him. I could just be totally missing something. But it just wasn’t there for me.

I was really hoping it was start and get to the juicy love triangle. But it was boring and didn’t really get going. I felt bad for Yun Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa as they tried their best and I was really cheering for this pair to work.

The supporting cast was good and it could have gone into something a little more. But instead, they focused on Na Mi Rae young and old instead.

Overall, the idea of having someone come back in time was a good idea, but I think it wasn’t handled as well as it could have been. I still don’t know what Ajumma stayed so close to her past-self. I mean… that was too much and it didn’t give off any dangers of what these actions could do. I guess it was more like a mother going back to make sure her daughter didn’t make the same mistake again.

It was good in some scene’s but it was boring and I felt like I couldn’t sympathize with the main female lead as she tries to sort out her feelings. There wasn’t something for me to connect to in this drama, and that’s probably why I felt it was lacking something. Though, it was good to see Jung Yong Hwa in another drama after watching Heartstrings. I was looking forward to hearing him in the soundtrack, but it was in vein.

Its totally up to you if you decide to watch this drama. As this is all just my opinion and feelings.

Heartstrings ~ Review

HeartstringsI really just wanted to see what this drama was like but I ended up love it.

As someone who loves music and it has always been a passion, along with dancing. This is a drama I can honestly relate to and sympathize with the characters.

The main actors played their parts well. Although at times it was a little awkward and you really just want the two main characters to kiss or do something.

This is definitely one I will be re-watching whenever I feel a little down and hope that I will find someone whom I can rely on and support me.

Lie To Me ~ Review

Lie To MeI thought it seemed interesting enough. As someone who is getting close to 30, I can totally understand Ah Jung’s reason for telling such a lie. Seeing all your friends happily married makes me jealous.

The main characters had amazing chemistry that I could help but marathon the series once I started. Even the supporting characters were a great fit.

If only I could turn into Cinderella, would be nice 😛

Secret Garden ~ Review

Secret GardenDefinitely a series to see!!!

The two main characters have a chemistry that pulls you in and the actors do an amazing job. Hyeon Bin is definitely an amazing actor and plays a rich, arrogant man who is very smart but has a troubled passed.

Although it really isn’t that much different to most romance drama’s. I think that the body swapping is done well and helps you get to understand both characters.

Definitely a must see for all Rom-com fans. Its just an added bonus that Hyeon Bin is the main actor 😛

Always ~ Review

AlwaysOne movie that will encourage anyone to always be true and there for the one you love. It was so movie to watch two people love each other and lean on each other.

Han Hyo Ju is amazing. She played her character so well that I was pulled in watching her.

Definitely one to see and re-watch!!

Personal Taste ~ Review

Perfect TasteA great drama to watch if your a hopeless romantic. Lee Min Ho’s character Jeon Jin Ho is a guy that any girl would be happy to have sweep her off her feet. I know, I for one, would love for a guy like him to do that to me. But one can dream.

Although Park Gae In can be annoying at times, the two main characters have a great chemistry that you can’t help but cheer them on.

Chilling Romance ~ Review

Chilling RomanceOne of the best rom-coms I’ve seen! It might seem like a strange combination, but it works really well. Showing how two people can get through something if they are together.

If your into horror/ghost movies, this is definitely one movie to lighten the mood a little. The two main characters are bought together in a strange way. However, I think that is its charm. Its certainly different to other romance movies.

Petty Romance ~ Review

Petty RomanceI was intrigued by the synopsis. But this was great!! It worked really well of having the two main characters write a story together. Adding another element where you really get to learn about the characters.

Definitely for those who read adult comics and like a bit of rom-com. I really did laugh at the awkward moments, which I hope were meant to be funny, well they made me laugh anyway.

Worth a watch and re-watch!!

I don’t know how many times I’ve re-watched this and not laughed at most of the scene’s. Although the female lead maybe new to romance, its the funny side where she misunderstands what people say in magazines and what she actually does is hilarious.