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A Massive Thank You

I have been busy recently with work and then I found that playing games has taken over my free time LOL.

Recently, for my HS classes, I getting my 1st grade students to write about who they want to say “Thank you” to. As I am a nice teacher, I always give them an example to follow and it totally got me thinking – I really do need to say a massive thank you to one person in particular.

So here it goes~

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Numb Artist Intro

Introducing Numb Artist!!

I have finally decided that with this part of my website, I want to talk about my travels and explorations of the world. I want to use this as a kind of scrapbook to document where I go and what to do.

I might even through in a few useful times on living in this country or any useful findings that might be handy to know.

This part of the website will be updated as much as I can. I hope to even spice things up a little.

However, please bare with me while I find a suitable style to help make the navigation of this part of the website more accessible.

Please leave a comment about you want me to talk about or just words of encouragement.


역린 ~ Review

Fatal Encounter

역린 A.K.A. Fatal Encounter is the first movie since Hyun Bin finished his miltary service.

I wasn’t really sure what was really going on most of the time. But I got to see Hyun Bin play an interesting character. Much more than I can say his role in 사랑한다, 사랑하지 않는다 (Come Rain, Come Shine).

The plot itself is very basic and understandable, its just some times I wasn’t sure if some scene’s were needed. It felt a little like it was jumping around a bit to much.

On the plus side, at one point you get to see a rather buff Hyun Bin exercising in his room/library/study. Its good to watch if you like action films as the fight scene’s are well done. You might even wish an arrow would hit the young Queen Hye Gyeong as she is sly scheming cow. But then what is a good movie without one of those bitchy characters that you just have to hate.

Overall, its a good movie if you like to watch Korean period drama’s. The acting was well done and I did like watching it. Even with a bit of a fan service. But I felt that Hyun Bin’s face has lost some of his natural fat. It just looks too skinny right now.

Long Awaited Winter Holiday’s

The nights are getting colder and I am getting used to all the little maintenance requirements before going to bed and after I wake up in the morning. Even if I do forget to turn on my alarm after having to re-programme it.

So 2013 has been a roller coaster right for me. From actually leaving a job I hated and felt really under appreciated (which actually made me depressed and contemplate things I never thought I would do) to leaving for Japan to start a new life, in a new job with new friends.

This doesn’t at all mean that I don’t think any less of my friends back home. Far from it. I love them to pieces for supporting me and some show it more than others as they actually continue to talk to me and cannot wait to see me when I get back home for a short two week holiday in March.

But I love my new life!! Some might have seen me as being brave to leave a country I call home, to a new country where I only know a little of the language. As well as starting a job where I’ve had very little training but I am aiming to improve and gain some great experience teaching.

I don’t think I would be this happy where I am if it wasn’t for the friends I have made. Especially to Limor and Annik who have both made me feel welcome and helped me through training and just being there to talk to.

All thats left to do now is have a quiet Christmas away from the family for the first time, take my Document Driving Test and then travel to Osaka to have a short holiday and then see KAT-TUN with Hoiming!! (I cannot wait to see them live!!)

Rainy Season

I thought the rainy season would like stormy rainy weather everyday for July and August. However, so far its has rained for a few days. But, like today, it has been really hot (like 23°-26°C with 80-100% Humidity). Hot and rainy.. I am unsure if I like this combination. Especially at night, that’s when it gets hard to sleep.

I am missing playing my flute. I am tempted to ask my parents to send me it if I pay the bill. I need something musical to help pass the time. Just listening to music is not enough. I miss being able to play a musical instrument. I was thinking about buying a flute here, but if I did that. I would want to buy an up-grade version and see if I can play a flute with the holes in the keys. I was just looking online for prices of Yamaha flutes here in Japan… OH BOY! the cheapest open hole flutes are at £1,412. I really don’t have the money for that! So I guess getting my parents to send me my own flute, which I know and love would be better.

On the other hand, I have managed to get used to life here Japan and I am getting to know the teachers at the High School a lot better. But that is because I have started to welcome the students to school in the mornings too. I get to welcome the students in English or Japanese if they say Ohayou to me first. But it also gives me a chance to talk to teachers out side the English department. I hope I can continue this for the rest of year. I will just have to make sure my time keeping skills is staying the way it is now. I have already started to plan the lessons for next week as I got my SLP two days earlier than usual. So I will have to see how it goes.

I am hoping to do some sightseeing this weekend. A friend has asked if I wanted to go for a drive this weekend. Asking where I wanted to go.. so I said I wanted to see a Temple, the caves and maybe an onsen if its not too hot. But I don’t think its going to be a good idea this time of year. It is really too hot for something like that. And maybe its better to go to an onsen with a group of people first, than just two people. But I will be taking my camera with me and hope to get some decent photo’s of Iwate-ken.

Bitch please.. I don’t care!

I AM A GOTH AND PROUD OF IT!!! No matter how hard you can try and give me a mouthful about why I dress the way I do but it won’t mean jack to me. You can’t try and change me so don’t bother. I love black, I love wearing black and I love listening to music that is played by true musicians!

Yes I also like to listen to Korean and Japanese music. I love the culture and the music. At least I’ve tried to learn a language and admire how they respect each other. That’s more than I can say about the dumb pricks in British society who don’t know how to behave around other people. They only give a shit about themselves. How about actually learning how to respect other people and take note of your actions?!

I know I’m not perfect but at least I’m not a dick to everyone else. You either like me or you hate me. Just don’t bitch about me behind my back. Because I’m strong enough to confront you and ask you what you don’t like about me. Not that it influence my actions to suit you. I’ve had enough of that shit. Done that for the past 26 years of me life. Not going to do it any more.

Art Work Sucks!

I’ve been trying to work with water colour recently, and now I know what I find it hard to work with. I SUCK AT IT!!!!! I’ve tried varies things. Like a Stargazer Lily, portraits and another eye piece. But I’m totally not happy with them. They start off well, but then I end up ruining them. They really aren’t even worthy of posting on DA. I guess I should stick to Gouache Paints and drawing still life. Just about the only good thing I’m good at.

If I ever change my mind about uploading them, then be warned…. THEY SUCK!

I’m really not doing well recently. Work has gotten me so stressed that I went to the doctors and had a rather long chat. I have my assessment next month to see how bad my mental health actually is. Although I haven’t told my parents yet. So I’m sure they are going to get a shock when I keep leaving the house for meetings. But I’ve never been “well” for a while. So this is definitely a good thing. A chance to finally get better with the proper help rather than trying to deal with it alone.

Plans For The Summer

Well apart from getting my house ready for me to live in, I’m thinking of making one of my rooms into my Art Studio!!! My parents house has a Music room (not a small one either) and I have a room in my house that can be an office or a studio. So an Art studio it is!! I might as well make the most of the room as I’m always drawing when I’m not at my part-time job. I doubt anyone would really buy my paintings. Although some people have told me that I should sell some. At least its worth a try right?!

I actually now can’t wait for my studio to be done. Strange how one comment from a friend can give you a nudge into following it through.

I dunno about selling my work online, I’ve made prints available here on Deviant Art. But nothing has really come out of it. But I’m not gonna let it get me down. I have to just keep drawing. I might start to experiment with colours more in my paintings/sketches. Something that is a bit more vibrant. But will have to see where the creativity takes me.

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to go about getting my work seen but I hope something will come up. I’ve been told to go to the local library and see if they would know about something. Otherwise, I think it will be through word of mouth.

Artistic Skills

I think its about time to admit that I’m really not getting any where drawing portraits in RL style or manga/anime….

I’m think I should stick to painting still life on canvases. I was thinking yesterday that I might actually try to sell some of my paintings this late spring. Not that they are really going to sell, but any bit of extra money will be good. I’ve already got a few idea’s of what I can draw… its just getting a decent sized canvas, which does cost a fair bit of money… Thinking of selling some paintings for about £20-£30 to start off with depending on the size.

So What’s New…?

It feels like forever since I created a journal entry….. sorry for not updating so much!

Things have been really hectic recently. And now it doesn’t help that I seem to have a cold, which is so annoying but I’m glad to have some days off work to recover. At least working part-time kind of helps. But I’ve been really busy at work and it seems its not really helping that much. At the end of the day I just need to think about the money more than anything…

If there is one question that is annoying at the moment, its the “Are you ready for Christmas?” one. I’m not ready at all, and to be quite honest…. Its the last thing on my mind. I have a chance to go Christmas shopping this week, maybe on Wednesday if this cold goes away by then. However, I really am stuck as to what to buy people. I do have the money to buy presents this year. Its just that it is hard to buy presents for 3 guys. My brothers aren’t really into similar things than me and my Father is always hard to buy for. I have some kind of idea as to what to buy my Mother this year, its just being able to buy her present when she isn’t with me as we tend to go shopping together.

My drawing skills have managed to decrease a great deal. I just don’t think I’m improving at all at the moment. I thought I was getting better and my [link] cheered me up a little as I thought I had finally gotten hold of my own style. HOWEVER.. I went to do a rough sketch [link] and failed miserably! I really hate the eye’s… they just don’t look right and I couldn’t correct them no matter what I did. It was bad enough that I restarted that piece three times

I’ve even been neglecting my Japanese studies… well what I’m learning on my own. I’ve even tried to translate two new songs but that is very slowly progressing. I think that I’ve pushed it all to one side while I wait to hear that I didn’t get a place on the JET Programme. I’m sure when I have more time off that I will get back into it all. As I really would love to be fluent in Japanese some time during my life.