Crapy Crap crap

[color=#80a0ff]Well If you couldn’t tell, I’ve not really been the Happy Cheerful Sazzy since last week. Too much crap is coming at me in one go. So my week has been a very depressing one to say the least I think. But not self-harming occurred if people start to wonder.

Well I am finally moving out of my parents house on 30th March, or just before then maybe. To go live on a haunted lane, how cool does that sound. But really it doesn’t seem haunted at all, it just scares my best friend a little I suppose. But if it means more independence then its better and not having anyone moan at me, but let me do what I want.

Then there is the fact of me being scared to move to America. I dunno why but I get really upset about it when I think about it. Its going to be really tough and I know I am not that strong so I feel like I might crack. Hopefully I won’t but there is a possibility. I dunno, its just a bit thing to do and I am scared shitless about it. [/color]

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