Well I am sure most of you can tell there has been a change in the skin for this site. Its not completely finished as I have yet to properly sort out the footer, but it is getting there. I don’t think I am some what an artist when its comes to design. But I suppose what I lack at the moment, I will hopefully gain with time.

Just being able to actually get this far with the skin is an achievement. It did take a while with the images to line up correctly. Which is what I tried to do first before I can create better graphics. But the layout is getting a little bit more technical with images above other images and using div tags. I must say, after trying to get this far in CSS, I really have become more knowledgable in the coding.  Just being able to remember the layout of CSS makes everything else a little easier. Because most of the properties within CSS can also be placed into other formates, it just happens to be worded differently, which if you remember the original CSS code and the code to which you want to add such attributes then its not that hard.

If anyone has any pointers then, please leave me a comment on what else I can do. ^___^

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