Dreams of Married Life

I really have been thinking about what it is going to be like being married. To live with someone, share everything with (well except clothing) and to just have the ability to say “Yeah I am married”. Its got to be something so sureal at first that after a few years maybe, it has to turn into something so natural that its just right.

From my personal view, it must be great to live with your best friend who is also your husband. To just have a guy around the house and hardly anyone else. I know the bills part of life is going to be a pain in the buttocks but its something to get used to. Having only know a little what it is like to with someone who isn’t someone you grew up with, it just has to be a shock to the system. However, it must be really great to just have someone you can trust so much be around all the time so you can just talk to them when ever. This is something I am having trouble with at the moment as there really isn’t any one around here that is so approachable.

In the current circumstances, its hard to even believe that I have been in a relationship for almost two years and its still as strong as ever. I’ve never known someone who sticks by me no matter what I say and listen to me when no one else does. It is such a nice change to know that there is someone who is willing to do it to and not only get worried when I am really really down because I don’t talk or seem as cheerful as I usually do. But my boyfriend just knows when something is getting down before I get that bad. It may not seem like much to some people but to me, it means everything.

Really, I am just looking forward to getting married, to settle down with my soul mate. Yes it might seem like a gamble because I don’t see him as often as most couples do, but that doesn’t mean my feelings waver. They are more persistant that ever and its not going to change. I am really happy where I am in life and I am ready to settle down, to be the adult I am becoming and to even look forward to being a mother.

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