Geeze I’m so so bored

I mean I’m just sat at my PC waiting for my movies to finish converting so they can go onto my [url=]Samsung YP-P3 mp3 player[/url]. But I really have nothing to do… I can’t watch anime while I wait because the programme I’m using to convert doesn’t want WMP or WinAmp to be opened T_____T Plus its taking up a lot of memory to even do anything. So I can’t work in Photoshop, as it just LAGGG like no man’s business.

I got bored playing games on my DS Lite, I can’t play on the Wii because it will be too noisy and I’m not really in the mood to play most of the games anyway. I can’t watch a movie because the only DVD player I have happens to be the disc drive in my PC.. So no luck there. I can only watch 4 TV channels are they are always boring at this time of night. So no luck there either.

Even people in IRC channels are pretty quiet so nothing there to entertain me either. But just to top it off, I haven’t heard from my bf/fiance for the past 7 hours so I can’t even talk to him and I miss him as it is.


oh well, I guess I shouldn’t really complain.. but that doesn’t that it isn’t annoying to be sooooooooooo bored T_____T

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