Well don’t know how many people know me but anyway…

Halloween is my second favourite time of the year. Not because of trick or treating because really… thats just a publicity stunt to get parents to buy sweets for kids who shouldn’t really be out knocking on strangers doors. I prefer the halloween where its just to celebrate All Hallows Eve but without bringing to dead to the land of the living. I don’t really believe in witchcraft enough to want to actually try it.

But my main reason is because its the only time of the year I don’t have to get cheap remarks for wearing black (see there is always a hidden agenda). Also it means I can really watch Nightmare Before Christmas to my hearts contempt! I really do love the movie and I watch it every year as well as listen to the soundtrack if I don’t get the chance to watch the movie, which is probably what I will be doing this year as I am working in the evening (talk about spoiling my fun!!!).

How can you not like the movie anyway?? ohhh unless your a chav where you don’t really have a clue what the world is about because you don’t understand anything properly. I know its more of a gothic movie as its really about the dead taking over Christmas but its a funny musical.

So if your not doing anything special for halloween, then watch Nightmare before Christmas!!!!!

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