Horrible Day

I finally had my first lesson in learning the Koto (Japanese Harp) yesterday with class 1A. I was little nervous as it was my first time learning an instrument in Japan, even more so as the music is in Japanese and in Japanese style. Thank goodness most of the strings are just numbered and don’t have a name. Therefore, it’s a little easier for mean the teacher made a key of all the names, just in case.

It is a very lovely instrument and I can’t wait to have another lesson. I would like to really learn it and then show off to people back home that I have a sixth instrument I can play. I was also asked if I wanted to learn another Japanese instrument and I wasn’t going to turn down such an offer. I might as well learn as much as I can while I am here.

However, today was another matter. It was both horrible and good.

I was unsure on how I would do with my last lesson with my 3K students. This class of boys were the first class I ever taught back in April and I didn’t know what to expect from them. This past year I have seen all my students open up and accept me as their teacher. Even more so to the third year classes. They were a really interesting group and it will be sad to see them leave. But they still haven’t technically finished school. But I wish I could be there for their graduation ceremony. I don’t think I am welcomed though. I know I should asked if I can play but I feel like that would be imposing on them.

Anyway, I was 15 minutes into teacher their lesson. Only to have my JTE, come to the class and ask me to go to 1B instead. This is when I go into panic mode, because I totally didn’t plan their lesson and no extra materials like it said in my SLP. Because I had a new schedule placed on my desk on Monday. And when I asked the JTE  if I have 3K and not 1AB, he said yes. So I was really confused. I had planned a little speech at the end of 3K class as a thank you and good luck. But now I won’t ever get to say it to them (TT__TT)

Okay, so its update time!

Now I haven’t been talking much to the guy I like recently because it’s hard to start a conversation. However, he still does his cute, nervous and shy head nod while smiling. I think he only does it to me… I have not seen him do it to anyone else. So that’s something right?

I am still unsure about it all really. It’s a little strange that he works at the same school I do, but that also makes me wonder if its worth pursuing such a thing. It definitely is a hard to stop going around in circles.

It doesn’t help that I haven’t heard anything from him yet. Maybe writing my email and number in pencil wasn’t a good idea.. or he never opened it because he doesn’t like me the way I think he does. Which is also possible.

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