I Wish This Pain Would Go Away

Its been almost a month now since I found out I have an inflammatory infection within my chest wall between my lungs and my rib cage. So it can be painful to breathe sometimes as it hurts and I can even find it hard to breathe. At first I was told to take paracetamol and ibuprofen for two days. Yet, the week after I went back to the doctors and they said I had to go back on the painkillers until it clears. I have no idea how long it takes but last Tuesday I thought I would stop taking them and see how it goes. Yet after Church on Sunday, the pain came back and now I’m back on the pain killers.

Its really annoying as I always seem to be the one getting really ill in my family. No one else has had glandular fever or an inflammatory infection but me. Maybe I have a low immune system to illnesses such as these? I even had the flu last year where I slept for three day’s. Things just seem to effect me badly and it can get depressing. On another note, things just seem to be at a stand still at the moment. With problems with references for the JET Programme and then with the situation regarding my house. It just feels like everything is happening at once. I’m sure its just to watch me struggle.

The only thing that has kept me sane recently is watching movies, which seems to be two every day so far for the past two weeks. Even though they are all Japanese movies, They are still really great to watch, well I enjoyed watching them at least. I’m sure there isn’t really many people who would understand though.

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