Its been so long!

Its been so long since I actually wrote a post. Life here is so different than being back in England. As well as the fact that I managed to find a guy I really like and the feeling is mutual!! Oh yes people!! Its MUTUAL!!! We haven’t started dating yet. We are just friends first because I meet the guy like 3 weeks ago.

On Friday, three weeks ago, I was taken to a restaurant by a local guy and the two male Interac employee’s. Being the only female had its perks, well it was less confusing any way. While we were ordering and I was talking to my Mother on Facebook (my social skills then were bad but there was some problems at home and it was the only time I could talk to my Mother). Anyway, I was told my friend Jay that I was getting checked out by a guy in the kitchen. I didn’t really think anything of it at first because this is me. I am totally not popular with the guys back home. So me being me, I kind of felt happy that I was getting attention (who wouldn’t) but I didn’t know what guy he was talking about. As the night went on, I managed to make eye contact with this really cute guy. He totally caught my attention (>___<). Once my pizza eventually came as it was the last one to arrive, OMG is he a good cook. That night went really well. My friend Jay was also able to find someone who caught his attention. So the following night (it might seem sad but who cares :P), the three of us ALTs went back again. This time we sat at the bar and got to know the staff. I was to see more of the guy and see his cute smile as he waved to me from the kitchen. We stayed for a bit, then we went to Karaoke. Well Jay, a new friend we made, the guy I like and myself (totally outnumbered again). It was an interesting night. The guy I like can really sing and rap! But he asked me if I was married and if I had a boyfriend. So he must have been interested right? After Karaoke he took Jay and I to have Ramen at like 3am >.<. On the way to the restaurant, he said "I love Sarah!". I was so happy that I blushed and hid. But we have been contacting each other everyday, so it must be a good thing right?! But this week I have seen him everyday. So fingers crossed!

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