I know in my last entry I said I would focus more on studying. But since I started doing this website, it seems that I have been so focused on getting it all set up that I haven’t even gotten round to properly studying. I know it is bad and I should really work on getting a better job that isn’t going to keep holding me back. Its just that I’ve been so side tracked with coding the skins and getting it all the way I want it, that I suppose really, I’ve been thinking that working on the site is helping me with my studies, which it has in a way.

However, now that I have got things the way I want it, I can now focus on getting the studying back up to where it should be and finally finishing this web design course. I just lack the motivation to really get things sorted and to do what really needs to be done, which is to stop sitting at my computer all day trying to figure out what to do when there is things I could really be doing.

Like today, I spent most of my time working a painting (which can been seen on my gallery page). Its for a navity picture competition I think. My mother said I should do one and that everyone in the family is going to do it. So that should be fun. But it isn’t really studying web design now is it?!

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