My Top 10 Korean Dramas

A friend asked me if I could suggest any Korean dramas that someone new to K-Drama’s should watch. So here is my top 10 drama’s!

#10 Dream High

Dream High
Staring: Kim Soo Hyun, Taec yeon, Suzy, Eun Jeong, IU and Woo Yong

Admittedly, I only saw this recently as I really caved in and wanted to see what it was like. I am a fan of 2PM and Woo Yong is my favourite member. So It was perfect to see what he would like acting. With reguards to this drama, based in a music school where artists can debut and begin their music career. Its a little different to what I have seen, so it was nice to see something fresh. It had an array of characters, which helps, although the girls can just be too bitchy that I guess they really wanted to show more of the horrible side to trying to get into the music industry. Its a drama that should be on everyone’s watch list, and as it isn’t really focused on romance, so it helps.

#9 Oh! My Lady

Oh! My LadyStarring: Choi Si Won and Chae Rim

This was the first Korean drama that I watched, so it holds a special place in my heart. This is a romance drama, so be prepared for the awkward tension moments where the characters try to work out their feelings. But its not so bad. It does have the added bonus of ha
ving Siwon-ssi showing off his abs and doing bad acting and apparently poor dancing skills. I got a bit confused by the dancing skills part, seeing as he is a member of Super Junior, but its hard to tell because he isn’t dancing in most of the MV’s… he seems to be absent doing other things. This is a good drama that got me into Korean drama’s. I think most of their drama’s has some sort or romance in it, so you can’t escape them. But this isn’t really focused on their romance but how can a lady help a man stop being childish and become the man he is meant to be.

#8 Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band
Staring: Yu Min Gyu, L, Seong Jun, Lee Hyeon Jae and Kim Min Seok

It is again, a music based drama. Following a band who want to be famous and show people they are not just delinquents. They might be rough and stand up for themselves, but they really just want to show they have what it takes. Its a great drama that I wish they had explored the characters more. But this drama is part of the “Flower Boy” series, there is two other’s series that are not connected in any way, apart from the name having “Flower Boy” in it. But do watch them too, they have good ratings too.


#7 Faith

FaithStaring: Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun

This was my favourite drama of 2012. This is more about time travel and how the main female adapts to a different life helping the very strict but hot Choi (Lee Min Ho). Its a very interesting drama to watch. I couldn’t stop watching it, but I am a Lee Min Ho fan, so that could be why 😛 This does show a little more of the romance towards the end of the series, otherwise, it focuses on the relationships of the other characters. Especially the King and Queen of the era.


#6 Heartstrings

HearstringsStaring Jeong Yong Hwa and Park Sin Hye

If you can’t tell by now that I love music, then what have you been reading for the past few minutes?! Again, set in an Arts school, this shows how students from the traditional and the modern courses have pride in their skills and think they are better than the other. However, it changes once they get to know each other. Its a heart warming drama that shows you don’t have to always follow what your parents think your life should be like. But you should find your own dream. The chemistry between the characters are great and the songs they use are great. Apart from Carmen.. Sorry, I HATE THAT SONG! I had to bite my tongue during my HS Music Exam when it was a piece we had to listen to.

#5 City Hunter

City HunterStaring: Lee Min Ho and Park Min Yong

And the first Lee Min Ho drama that I watched has appeared at #5. This is really focused on Lee Yun Seong getting revenge after he finds out that his step father isn’t who he thought he is after he hears how his real father died. Thus letting Lee Min Ho show a really sexy, bad-ass side of the character. That and I really love mysterious guy. I really liked how it showed Yun Seong putting up walls to not let anyone know his identity and protecting himself.

#4 Missing You

Missing YouStaring: Bak “Micky” Yu cheon and Yun Eun Hye

This is a romance and tragedy drama. So be prepared to see the tears and heart ache! This drama really did make me like Micky more as an actor. And he didn’t take of his shirt to interest me! I really love watching Yun Eun Hye since I saw her movie “Little Black Dress”. She definitely is definitely a good actress. I marathoned this drama because it was so moving and I really hated the young guy who wanted the girl all to his self and is a total selfish bastard. But  that’s just my opinion.



#3 Coffee Prince

Coffee PrinceStaring Yun Eun Hye, Gong Yu, Lee SeonGyun and ChaeJeong

And I found this drama while watching Korean Drama Kissing video’s… yes its sad, I was bored, GO A HEAD AND JUDGE ME!!! It was to help me find romance drama’s. This seemed like an interesting one to watch, and it didn’t disappoint. This was the first drama I saw Yun Eun Hye in.

It was interesting seeing her play a boyish character. It did get a little strange when Choe hang yeol (Gong Yu) as almost being gay. But he was kind of cute though.


#2 You Who Came From The Stars

You Who Came From The StarsStaring: Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyeon

I have written a proper review on this drama –별에서-온-그대-review/ I am a Kim Soo Hyun fan after I saw him in the movie Secretly And Greatly.

This is a romance drama, but with a sexy 400 year old alien (Kim Soo Hyun) as the main guy. Now, I have to say that Jeon Ji Hyeon was the most annoying character and I wish she wasn’t like she was. I hated her use of American english that made my teeth grind. But she was bearable towards the end.


#1 Secret Garden

Secret GardenStaring: Hyeon Bin and Ha Ji Won

I have also written a review for this series – I had to watch this drama because it had gotten good reviews and was highly recommended. So I gave it a try and I really have to admit its not the normal girl loves boy. But its the boy who chases after the tomboyish girl instead.

This is an interesting watch and its one that everyone should see. I really love the characters and the chemistry between them.

So that is my top 10 Korean drama’s. If anyone asks, I can do a Japanese drama too. I might even make a music artist top 10 too, depending on my mood.

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