New music, New me

Well recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Japanese Rock. Some of the bands are really really good


Taka – Vocals

Toru – Guitar and Vocals

Ryota – Bass

Tomoya – Drums

My favourite tracks by then are; Wherever you are, Lair, My Sweet Baby,  Yume Yume and Nobody’s Home. I dunno how I suddenly decided to see what they were like but I’m so glad I did. Their latest album Niche Syndrome (2010) is definitely the best so far in my personal opinion.

I think the reason for liking them is because they don’t sing just random words in English/Engrish but whole verses and choruses. It makes a change from hearing some tracks where there is only a few occasional words in English and the rest in Japanese. So it makes a nice change. But they have a really great sound that makes me want to listen to them over and over again!

They also make me want to start my own band where I can hopefully play bass and sing.. so if anyone is up for it.. LET ME KNOW! I also play piano too if that will spark your interest 😛

Abingdon Boys School



Toshiyuki Kish

Shibasaki Hiroshi

The first track I fell in with from ABS is Howling, which is the OP to Darker Than Black, one of my favourite anime’s and really did love this track! And then when I heard the other tracks they did for Anime’s, I just had to listen to their albums and Love it!!  Abingdon Boys School Abingdon Road is my favourite album with the tracks From Dusk Till Dawn, JAP, STRENGTH, and Kimi ni Uta. Although Fre@k Show from their teaching materials album is another one of my fav’s.

They might not sing many words in English but their sound is one that is easy to love and love. They are also the first Japanese band that I decided to listen to. They opened up my musical vocabulary.


AniSS – Vocal, Guitar, songs, arrangements

Ali – Bass, Guitar, songs, arrangements

Now I first heard their track to Ergo Proxy when I watched it years ago and Loved it. Of course, that anime has a great soundtrack anyway. So of course the OP track is also going to be awesome! Their track Kiri and Perfect Gold are probably one of their best tracks but then all of their other tracks aren’t that far behind. They are really a relaxed rock type duo but are still great to listen to.

Again, if you like listening to a band that sings in English, then they are another band you should listen to. I don’t know what else I can say about them really. Just that you wouldn’t really class them as a Japanese band if you heard their tracks but as long as they are great to listen to, then thats all that matters right???

Dir En Grey

Kyo – Vocals

Kaoru – Guitar

Die – Guitar

Toshiya – Bass

Shinya – Drums

Now I don’t listen to Dir En Grey much but when I do, I can not complain at all! They are probably one of the best Alternate Metal Japanese Band. They might have a very metal style compared to the other bands I listen but it doesn’t make me like them even less. Its also really hard to pick out any favourite tracks. They are all great to listen to so picking out the best is really really hard.







Now they might be most well known to anime lovers as a band who has done a few tracks for Bleach. But once you start to listen to their albums… oh boy! Definitely a must listen to band. I only started to listen them like a few weeks ago so trying to pick out a favourite track is again hard. But the albums AwakEVE, Timeless and Proglution are my faves to listen to.  Always good to listen to in the same playlist as ONE OK ROCK.

So I can’t really complain about that 😛 I really am a rock chick who can just simply listen to this band and know I’ve chosen well. Totally can’t find anything bad to say about them. But once I really listen to them more I’m sure my favourite tracks will pop out and I do promise to post them here!

Masato – Vocals

Y.K.C (Yokochi) – Guitar

Sugi (Kazuya) – Guitar and Backing vocals

RxYxO (Ryo) – Bass and backing vocals

Katsuma – Drums

Only started to listen to this band last night and DAMN! If you prefer to listen to a band that sings in English, like ONE OK ROCK, then this is the band for you! Totally an amazing band! I really do like their cover of Stacy Orrico’s STUCK. A by far better rocky version! I don’t think you can wrong with this band.

All of their songs from their two albums (well the two I have) are amazing! I really don’t know what else to say apart from the fact that you just have to listen to them!

Pay Money To My Pain

K – Vocals

PABLO – Guitar

JIN – Guitar

Tsuyoshi – Bass

ZAX – Drums

I’ve only just heard their tracks and although they are really a screamo band, still a great band to listen to. I did notice that their tracks are also a really decent length. You don’t see many tracks that like 5 minutes long any more. And I guess that also helps them create really great music. Although I only started to listen to them, their track HOME… just has to be my favourite! Its a totally amazing song that really is one to listen to!

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