Nintendo Fan!

Well after buying myself my own Wii console and enjoying it so much. I went out today and also brought my own DS lite. I know its going to seem crazy to some people but honestly, it was the Brain training starter pack so its not so bad. I won’t be buying games for the DS Lite that I already have the on Wii, that would just be stupid and a waste of money.

So now that is 3 consoles I own…. wow that really is a lot of money spent within two years but I’ve been working hard and tend to go shopping to help cheer myself up, Like any gal would really but I do make sure I monitor my spending habbits just to keep things in check. But now that Christmas is soon upon us, I will only be buying gifts for my family and not on myself. I’ve already asked for the Rockband on the Wii πŸ˜› (sly thing that I am). Its going to be cool to play with Eddie and my best friend Ellen when we all move in together. Hopefully we will have my friend kyle join us too but that is something we will have to discuss with him about. At least then, having friends around for drinks is going to be fun…. I just wanna see a tipsy person trying to play on the wiiFit or something just to see how bad they do it.

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