Painting In Photoshop

Well I’m going to try and do a better painting in photoshop this time. Working on an old photograph I’ve found. So I won’t upset anyone if I disfigure the person really badly. The only problem I’ve found at the moment, is that the battery in my pen for my tablet is running out. The cursor keeps jumping around and its really annoying me. I’ve tried like 6 different batteries and they are all doing the same thing. I guess I’m just not allowed to draw.

So please keep a watch on my scrapbook upload’s, as the steps of the image will most likely be placed in there.

With my website, the planned update will have to take a back seat for a while. I need to study for two exams and that is going to take priority at the moment. Well once I work out why I can’t view things well in IE on opera. For some strange reason, the study info isn’t showing up and its rather confusing.

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