Parents Projecting onto their children.

I don’t know how many people have ever found themselves in this situation but I am getting annoyed by it. I really do think that when a parent has a child above the age of 12, they should just let them find their own identity and ways to live their own life. I’ve not had the best relationship with my parents which is probably why I hate it when they try to control my life too much.

Also I am 22 almost 23 years old, yet they insist on telling me what not to do and then get annoyed when I do the opposite. Like my new hair cut for example, I’ve had a lot of people say it really suites me compared to my parents who say it looks horrible. Ok they might be loosing their little who really they lost when i turned 16. I am not a child any more and I can do what I want. Its just so frustrating when my parents tell me what to do.

Another thing is that Mother doesn’t think I am ready to get married because my bf is in NY. She won’t ever understand what I feel because she wants me to be this little child and stay that way. The obedient child who does what they are told. If I was to follow in my mothers footsteps, then I would have gotten married when I was 20 and that isn’t me at all.

MY parents just don’t seem to let me find my own personality and life style because in their eye’s I am still young. It just gets really hard to find the support I want to live my life really.

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