Plans For The Summer

Well apart from getting my house ready for me to live in, I’m thinking of making one of my rooms into my Art Studio!!! My parents house has a Music room (not a small one either) and I have a room in my house that can be an office or a studio. So an Art studio it is!! I might as well make the most of the room as I’m always drawing when I’m not at my part-time job. I doubt anyone would really buy my paintings. Although some people have told me that I should sell some. At least its worth a try right?!

I actually now can’t wait for my studio to be done. Strange how one comment from a friend can give you a nudge into following it through.

I dunno about selling my work online, I’ve made prints available here on Deviant Art. But nothing has really come out of it. But I’m not gonna let it get me down. I have to just keep drawing. I might start to experiment with colours more in my paintings/sketches. Something that is a bit more vibrant. But will have to see where the creativity takes me.

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to go about getting my work seen but I hope something will come up. I’ve been told to go to the local library and see if they would know about something. Otherwise, I think it will be through word of mouth.

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