Rainy Season

I thought the rainy season would like stormy rainy weather everyday for July and August. However, so far its has rained for a few days. But, like today, it has been really hot (like 23°-26°C with 80-100% Humidity). Hot and rainy.. I am unsure if I like this combination. Especially at night, that’s when it gets hard to sleep.

I am missing playing my flute. I am tempted to ask my parents to send me it if I pay the bill. I need something musical to help pass the time. Just listening to music is not enough. I miss being able to play a musical instrument. I was thinking about buying a flute here, but if I did that. I would want to buy an up-grade version and see if I can play a flute with the holes in the keys. I was just looking online for prices of Yamaha flutes here in Japan… OH BOY! the cheapest open hole flutes are at £1,412. I really don’t have the money for that! So I guess getting my parents to send me my own flute, which I know and love would be better.

On the other hand, I have managed to get used to life here Japan and I am getting to know the teachers at the High School a lot better. But that is because I have started to welcome the students to school in the mornings too. I get to welcome the students in English or Japanese if they say Ohayou to me first. But it also gives me a chance to talk to teachers out side the English department. I hope I can continue this for the rest of year. I will just have to make sure my time keeping skills is staying the way it is now. I have already started to plan the lessons for next week as I got my SLP two days earlier than usual. So I will have to see how it goes.

I am hoping to do some sightseeing this weekend. A friend has asked if I wanted to go for a drive this weekend. Asking where I wanted to go.. so I said I wanted to see a Temple, the caves and maybe an onsen if its not too hot. But I don’t think its going to be a good idea this time of year. It is really too hot for something like that. And maybe its better to go to an onsen with a group of people first, than just two people. But I will be taking my camera with me and hope to get some decent photo’s of Iwate-ken.

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