So What’s New…?

It feels like forever since I created a journal entry….. sorry for not updating so much!

Things have been really hectic recently. And now it doesn’t help that I seem to have a cold, which is so annoying but I’m glad to have some days off work to recover. At least working part-time kind of helps. But I’ve been really busy at work and it seems its not really helping that much. At the end of the day I just need to think about the money more than anything…

If there is one question that is annoying at the moment, its the “Are you ready for Christmas?” one. I’m not ready at all, and to be quite honest…. Its the last thing on my mind. I have a chance to go Christmas shopping this week, maybe on Wednesday if this cold goes away by then. However, I really am stuck as to what to buy people. I do have the money to buy presents this year. Its just that it is hard to buy presents for 3 guys. My brothers aren’t really into similar things than me and my Father is always hard to buy for. I have some kind of idea as to what to buy my Mother this year, its just being able to buy her present when she isn’t with me as we tend to go shopping together.

My drawing skills have managed to decrease a great deal. I just don’t think I’m improving at all at the moment. I thought I was getting better and my [link] cheered me up a little as I thought I had finally gotten hold of my own style. HOWEVER.. I went to do a rough sketch [link] and failed miserably! I really hate the eye’s… they just don’t look right and I couldn’t correct them no matter what I did. It was bad enough that I restarted that piece three times

I’ve even been neglecting my Japanese studies… well what I’m learning on my own. I’ve even tried to translate two new songs but that is very slowly progressing. I think that I’ve pushed it all to one side while I wait to hear that I didn’t get a place on the JET Programme. I’m sure when I have more time off that I will get back into it all. As I really would love to be fluent in Japanese some time during my life.

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