I seriously am wondering if I am going to get any where in life. First of all, things just don’t seem to be brightening up. I’m still down as ever. I just think that there really is nothing in life that could possibly help cheer me up.

Haruma Miura
OK… so there might be one thing.. and that’s if Haruma Miura suddenly replied to this message saying he is happy to show me around Japan when I go on holiday there. And that we could hang out and help each other learn the other’s language. Then I would be very happy indeed! But I would seriously be surprised if that ever happened. Great if it did…. but still far off. Oh if you don’t know who is… don’t worry about. But if you do… He is cute right???? I mean he is an awesome actor.. he played Kazehaya VERY VERY VERY well!!!

But anyway….

Secondly, I’ve lost of track of what I really want to do. I know I really want to go to Japan. I really want to experience their culture for myself. Its all good and well seeing in Anime’s, Manga’s and Japanese Drama’s. But Its just not the same. Now I know its going to be expensive. So I’m going to wait for next years bonus to help pay for the trip. I’ve even started to learn Japanese and I can pick up well on some phrases and some words. But I still need to improve before I can actually say that I can speak Japanese. However, I don’t want to go on my own. I know at that a friend of mine is also learning Japanese in preparation for the trip also. But two gal’s going on their own isn’t right. So more gal’s are needed to come along too πŸ˜›

Also, I would prefer if we were able to meet up some people of Japan. Just to avoid getting lost and failure to remember the correct words to say and meeting someone who doesn’t speak English. Now that could just be troublesome for everyone. Although the internet is everyone’s friend if we do get lost πŸ˜›

If you fancy coming to Japan with me, then please contact me (^_^)/

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