Suitcases packed..

Well I’ve managed to pack my two suitcases. I honestly hope that I will be alright getting from Haneda Airport to Narita airport when I arrive in Tokyo on Sunday at 5am. I do have plenty of time to get to Narita from Haneda as I won’t be able to enter my room till 4pm. It will strange to be arriving in Japan and as my friend says “In 48 hours, you will be in in Tokyo”. Its so strange to thing how quickly time has gone by.

I have never been so worried about getting my lesson plan right till recently. I know that I should really have more confidence in myself as I have been able to get my dream job. But all the more reason to worry about messing up. I’ve gotten so worried about it that my stomach started to churn and I wanted to be sick. I can get upset while worrying so easily that I really hope I get through Saturday and Sunday okay.

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