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Skip Beat ~ Review

Skip Beat!I really hope there is a second season. The actors were really well chosen and I can’t imagine anyone else playin Ren/Lian other than Si Won! the same for Sho/Shang being played by Donghae.

Although, I have got to say, I got my hopes a lot when I hear that Si Won and Dong Hae were part of the cast.  I was looking forward to seeing and hearing them playing their roles completely. Yet, I was utterly disappointed when as soon as Si Won appeared on screen, this strange and disjointed voice rang in my ears. It was difficult to get used to hearing someone dubbing Si Won. He would have been perfect to just say his lines with the help of a speech coach. Then I was further disappointed when they did the same for Dong Hae. Both guys have amazing voices that wouldn’t need to be dubbed over, but I guess they have their reasons for doing such a thing.

I can’t compare this live action to the anime, as I have yet to watch it. But it was nice to see that kept rather close to the manga as they could. Although, getting used to the Taiwanese versions of the names took me a while. But it was interesting to watch.

My only hope now is that they make a Korean version using both Si Won and Dong Hae reprising their roles. Although choosing a good Kyoko actress is proving difficult in my head. Although maybe Park Sin Hye would be a good choice as she is doing really well at the moment and she can act rather well. I don’t think I would choose anyone from SMTown because they all don’t have the right aura to play Kyoko well and get that close with their Oppa’s (sorry for using the Korean term 😛 )