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The Heirs ~Review

The Heirs

It has a great cast and I was trying to tone down my expectations, as I am a fan of Lee Min Ho (이민호). But it is still worth the watch. Especially as the opening scene you see him topless and speaking broken English.

I actually waited until this series had finished airing being I watched it. It was kind of worth the wait. As far as the plot goes, its the usual low class girl tries her best to not get involved with a rich guy who has a rival who he used to be best friends with. It has a good start with filming in America (why does this country get all the attention… WHAT ABOUT THE UK?!?!?!?!?) But anyway, then they move back to Korean, and Cha Eun Sang gets to experience the wonder world of the high class student. Where even in school there is sensitive social standings. Make one wrong movie and you are the scum of the school.

It was great to see Lee Min Ho and Park Sin Hye acting together as I hadn’t seem then acting for a while. So that was good news for me. Yet, my day was made when I realized that the most adorable guy Gang Min Hyeok was in this drama. He was so fun to watch in Heartstrings that I thought at last he was getting another drama! He had a strong supporting character and I was so happy to see another actor I like in this series. Also, why is there additional eye candy in this series? Gang Ha Neul has the most heart melting smile I’ve seen for a while and I was cheering for his character to get the girl he wanted. But I was happy when it didn’t really work out as it meant he was free, and so am I 😛

After a while, the series managed to just go a little stale and I was getting a little bored. I didn’t feel like I could marathon all the episodes in one go because it was gripping enough. I felt like I lost the connection with the characters and the storyline was jumping about from place to place that I guess I kind of lost interest.

Even the ending where they tried to tie things up and show what it would be like in the future, it just kind of fell flat and it was unnecessary to do it. But I guess they tried.

Overall, its still okay to watch if you follow one or a few of the actor’s. But it wasn’t as good as it could have been.

Personal Taste ~ Review

Perfect TasteA great drama to watch if your a hopeless romantic. Lee Min Ho’s character Jeon Jin Ho is a guy that any girl would be happy to have sweep her off her feet. I know, I for one, would love for a guy like him to do that to me. But one can dream.

Although Park Gae In can be annoying at times, the two main characters have a great chemistry that you can’t help but cheer them on.