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매리는 외박중 ~ REVIEW

Marry Me MaryThis is definitely one of those drama’s that most people have actually watched. But I didn’t really have any interest in it until now.

It is definitely one of those drama’s that you hope doesn’t get too cliché and it could well possibly go down that road. At first, most of the characters annoyed me. Mae Ri had this annoying side where she just didn’t let anything go. It was really stalker-ish at the start.

At first, it took me a while to get into it. I didn’t really marathon this drama, because it wasn’t really striking my attention. It was refreshing to see a drama where the main couple were loyal to each other and stayed together even after many misunderstandings. Usually after one misunderstanding, the couple have this over dramatic split and one of them tries to win the other back. But not in Marry Me Mary! It really does make Jang Geun Seok’s character seem like a guy with unshakable feelings. Standing by Mae Ri and always believes what she says. If ever a guy really existed, he would be too pure and a little crazy… surely?!?!

It really is a good drama to watch. It did have some funny moments between the two main male characters, which lifted the mood in places. But I am still unsure if I could really recommend this drama to watch. It didn’t really appeal to me. It was only the rock music part that caught my attention really.  The supporting characters are a little over baring and I wanted to slap Director Bang to make sure she didn’t even appear in any scene’s.

If you are a true Korean Drama fan, then please watch it if you haven’t. Or if you have, please tell me what you thought of it!!