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역린 ~ Review

Fatal Encounter

역린 A.K.A. Fatal Encounter is the first movie since Hyun Bin finished his miltary service.

I wasn’t really sure what was really going on most of the time. But I got to see Hyun Bin play an interesting character. Much more than I can say his role in 사랑한다, 사랑하지 않는다 (Come Rain, Come Shine).

The plot itself is very basic and understandable, its just some times I wasn’t sure if some scene’s were needed. It felt a little like it was jumping around a bit to much.

On the plus side, at one point you get to see a rather buff Hyun Bin exercising in his room/library/study. Its good to watch if you like action films as the fight scene’s are well done. You might even wish an arrow would hit the young Queen Hye Gyeong as she is sly scheming cow. But then what is a good movie without one of those bitchy characters that you just have to hate.

Overall, its a good movie if you like to watch Korean period drama’s. The acting was well done and I did like watching it. Even with a bit of a fan service. But I felt that Hyun Bin’s face has lost some of his natural fat. It just looks too skinny right now.

Secret Garden ~ Review

Secret GardenDefinitely a series to see!!!

The two main characters have a chemistry that pulls you in and the actors do an amazing job. Hyeon Bin is definitely an amazing actor and plays a rich, arrogant man who is very smart but has a troubled passed.

Although it really isn’t that much different to most romance drama’s. I think that the body swapping is done well and helps you get to understand both characters.

Definitely a must see for all Rom-com fans. Its just an added bonus that Hyeon Bin is the main actor 😛