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Loving Hitman Reborn

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If you can’t tell by now, I’ve been busy in photoshop showing my fan-girling tendencies with Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Yamamoto is my favourite character, well both even the TYL Yamamoto has a smexy side. Although, I’m only on ep 89 at the moment. But I will catch up soon with the recent episodes πŸ˜‰

For the recent vector’s, I’ve done something different to the style’s. I’ve tried to move away from not using just basic shading. But added more gradients and using the paint brush to help create the gradient effects. Even though I know I can use the gradient tool with the lasso tool too, but I just find it easier to use the brush.

Higashi no Eden – My Review

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Higashi no Eden, or Eden of the East in English, Is one of the most interesting and intriguing anime’s that I have seen! The Director of this anime, also directed one well known anime; Ghost In The Shell, which of course, I happen to be a fan of. So that instantly helped it to gain a few marks.

On November 22, 2010 ten missiles strike Japan. However, this unprecedented terrorist act, later to be known as “Careless Monday,” does not result in any apparent victims, and is soon forgotten by almost everyone. Then, 3 months later… Saki Morimi is a young woman currently in the United States of America on her graduation trip. But just when she is in front of the White House, Washington DC, she gets into trouble, and only the unexpected intervention of one of her fellow countrymen saves her. However, this man, who introduces himself as Akira Takizawa, is a complete mystery. He appears to have lost his memory. and he is stark naked, except for the gun he holds in one hand, and the mobile phone he’s holding with the other hand. A phone that is charged with 8,200,000,000 yen in digital cash.
(from Production I.G website)

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