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Hello Winter

tumblr_mvm5p3hk0g1qj5sxuo1_500It has been so long since I wrote something. I’m sorry T_T

So to up-date people. Autumn here in Japan has been and gone T_T It was so short compared to England. The colours were so beautiful. I was driving to Morioka one weekend to see my BFF’s Annik and Limor for a weekend of shopping and catching up. On the way I couldn’t help but stop and take photo’s as I left with plenty of time to spare.

It’s now the start of winter. The night’s are definitely colder and the mornings are cold, making it hard to get up. But I have prepared for winter and I just need to stock up on long-life food just in case. But, really, I cannot wait to see a decent amount of snow. In England, we get so little snow that our snow sculptures are average. Yet here that will change!

There is only one downside though. I am still single this winter, and it is my first Christmas away from the family. Its going to be something new or me. Unless things change before then……

Its still hard to believe that I have been living in another country for over 8 months. I have felt so at home here and as every day is still unpredictable, it makes it more exciting. I am looking forward to my second year here and hope my students continue to be supportive as they have been. Although, I will miss my third year high school students. They have been a joy to teach (well one class may be more troublesome than a joy and have tested my endurance and stress levels). Nonetheless, they were the first year to warm up to me and make me feel welcomed, I would love to go to the leaving ceremony and say my goodbye’s properly.  I still have four months with the students and hope to make their last year at high school a memorable one.