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Web Designing

A couple of weeks ago I had eye opener if you like about where my life is really going. With my current job, where I have been working there for a year in December. The only kind of promotion I have gotten is that I now work at the bar as well as the restaurant. Its not exactly a big step forward but it is something at least.

However I have been neglecting my studies in Web Design for a very long time and its about time i get it all done so I can get a better job and leave my current job. I’ve already made myself a study plan and make sure that i do around 21 hours a week, its just that I really need to get my head down and do it. Making this web site is what I do inbetween studying to help practise my skills as a future web designer. I really do want to focus on designing web pages as a career. I wanted to study web design while I was at university but really I was only able to just touch the surface of dreamweaver and it didn’t really help me alot. Of course now I can really do more than I want and start learning; PHP, MySQL, ColdFusion, XML, Visual C#, AJAX, Java, JavaScript, Frontpage 2000 and a few others.

Now I plan to make weekly updates on my progress and really see the studying as a project and set goals and evaluate my progress.