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Well just so you all know, The telephone interview went well yesterday. They said that they are passing on my details and the notes from the interview. Soooooooo……… fingers crossed that I get a face-to-face interview.

Also, I’m currently working through all the requests that people have made. So far I’ve only done two but I’m getting there slowly!!

  • Requests
  • janners: Trade OC – http://fav.me/d2nfew0
  • hatekillslovethrills: OC – http://fav.me/d2nrxql
  • darkness-love: OC – Yet To Do
  • SaruwatariKazuko: OC’s – Yet To Do
  • KerriganMoonwolf: OC – Yet To Do
  • toraburu: Roy Mustang – Yet To Do

If you still want to make a request, then please feel free ^__^

Nerves Starting to Build

Last Friday, I actually applied for a job… Shock Shock Horror Horror!


I filled in the online application form last Friday and I got an email on Monday saying that I have been accepted into having a telephone interview. First of all… OMG I have an interview! Second… OMG they replied! Well, I rang the recruitment number, and I have my telephone interview tomorrow (Wednesday 14th April) at 9am.

I’ve never worked in a bank before, but I’m a fast learner so it won’t be so bad. From what they told me on the phone, if I am accepted for the job, I will have 4 weeks of full time training Monday to Friday, and then I will be working part-time hours afterwards, working on Saturday’s if needed. To me that sounds like a pretty cool job. I would finally get some stable working hours. Plus the income is better than at my previous work where I was a waitress and bartender. How I managed to stay in that place for over a year I do not know. But a bank job would be better than that, thats for sure.

So wish me luck for tomorrow!!!

Turning of Age

Oh yes people! Sazzy is getting older!

On 18th March this little old me is turning 24. I know I look about 17 but trust me… I’m not. Although it is good for going to the cinema and getting a Student ticket..hehe

I don’t really know how to celebrate my Birthday. My mother did take to see Alice in Wonderland today. And I LOVED it!! Depp was Awesome!

Artistic… for once

Well I’ve actually done a fair bit of work today…. maybe not going to sleep last night really did mean something good. Not only did I finish a new image which a friend asked for.. but a Tutorial to go with it. BONUS!!

Although what would really make my day is for new chapters of some of the mange’s I’m follow would be uploaded to some sites. Especially new Kimi ni Todoke. I’ve read chapter 35 and I want MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I went really fan girly when Kazehaya confessed.. But then I felt so sorry for him. Silly Sawako!! I would Date Kazehaya if he wasn’t a 2D character.

So ummmmmm…………… yeah……………

I’m so bored… yet again……. surprise surprise!

Design Design Design

Designing my web site yet again!

This time I’m going to the portfolio and compact idea. I’ve only managed to code most of two pages. Its just I need to sort out the footer and then finish off designing the other pages. I don’t how long it will take but I’m hoping to work on it slowly. Making sure the design is constant.

The only pages that have been altered so far is the blog and this page. But I’ve been having problems with my wordpress so I’m currently upgrading. All the others are in the previous skin.

WordPress really is confusion to code. I managed to find one that is similar to my design to help get some coding idea’s.

Is Patience a Virtue?

Its the middle of the week and I’m already loosing my patience waiting for new manga chapters to be released!!


^^^ Just looking at that list and I already want to read new chapters of KHR(should be out this Friday), Papillon, Kimi ni Todoke, Barajou no Kiss, S.L.H. and Dengeki Daisy!! But sometimes I have to wait ages.. grrrrrrr

Ok so I like to read shoujo manga.. but its all interesting stuff. I mean coughexcellenteyecandycough :w00t:

Blahhhhhhhhhhh I’m so bored!!!

Somebody please TALK TO ME…. or just poke me… the slightest hing of activity would be great!

Back From America

Well seeing as I said I would make a thread about my trip when I got back, here it is!

Well after I landed in JFK it took me a while to see Solking again as it was really crowded when I walked through. I mean its no wonder I couldn’t see him. But He walked over to me again so that’s cool.

When we got back to his, I was so glad to be able to just relax and forget about work and studying for a while. It was totally what I needed as I don’t tend to relax that much at home. Yes I sit in front of my PC all day but that doesn’t mean its all care free etc. I study online and when I’m not studying I’m trying to get my skills in Photoshop up to a good enough standard that I can get a job in Digital art and web design.

But anyway…While I was in New York, Eddie took me around Far Rockaway, Manhattan, and the Bronx Zoo. It had been so long that I had been in Far Rockaway, yet it didn’t take me long to adjust to the surroundings. I got used to people driving on the “wrong” – yes Eddie the WRONG!! side of the road lol. I even got use to the currency.. I guess keeping some from my last visit helped a little.

Well for my birthday Eddie and I went to Times Square and had lunch at TGI Fridays where I had a Mudslide and Eddie had a Long Island Ice Tea. The mudslide was so nice I was tempted to get another drink but I’m glad I didn’t because when we got the bill, it all came to $64 for two drinks and two meals. After the meal we went for a walk around the shops etc but I didn’t buy anything as I was kind of low on money in my wallet 😛

Then for our next trip Eddie took me to Ground Zero. I would have liked to have gone to the Tourist centre but really it wasn’t well marked, so instead we walked around the village and then up to 14th Ave. to the station to go home because it was raining and we were both getting tired from walking about so much.

One weekend we went to Youth Ministries event out of state, to which I don’t know where but it was fun. Even though when the speakers were talking, they kept changing from English to Spanish. So poor Eddie had to translate some of it for me. but it was all fun. In the afternoon, they had Building 429 play so at least that was some songs I could hear and the recognise the words for.

For the following week, we went to the Bronx zoo. It did take us a while to get there because the signs for the entrances is pathetic. But once we got there, we went everywhere! even if the animals were no where to be seen. But I got to see the Tiger and the Polar bar so I am happy. I think Eddie was happy that he got to see the Turtles 😛 so it was all good. Although the sea lions were just as cute but we couldn’t take any of them home T_____T

Otherwise, we made sure that we left the apartment once every two days. So we were cooped up most of the trip. Even if it was to the library, Dunkin Donuts and to get some soda 😛 it was worth the fresh air.

Then when the day came for us to leave, it was strange that we had nine hours to go yet we were ready. The trip was really worth it. Its just that all the pictures can be seen on my facebook page, for those who have it and have me added. Otherwise, I don’t think you will be able to see all the pictures.


well its finalized, I am going on vacation 15th March to go and see my wonderful fiancé in New York. Hopefully the pictures will be better and I won’t look so dead in them.

I haven’t had a holiday in two years and I really need one and its a bonus that I get to spend time with my fiancé Solking so its worth it. The difference with this vacation is that I don’t have to worry about baby sitting but I get to go site seeing. I really want to see Ground Zero, as I did a project about at University as well as the Bombings in London a few years back.

Its cheered me up that I have finally brought my ticket and insurance. I just have to study as much as I can before I go so I don’t have to do much studying when I’m there.

Annoying Colleagues

Ok I know I’ve been annoyed with my colleagues in the past, but recently, the guy who works at the bar, Ivor, is really testing my patience.  He is only still working there because he has to a pay a mortgage, which really is a shit excuse “I’m sorry, I can’t leave because I have a mortgage to pay!” I am sorry but I don’t think I can take his crap any more. I was getting annoyed yesturday with his horrible carol singing in my ear as I try to sing. Even I can sing better than him, many people have told me I have a lovely singing voice but I don’t think I do untill now. I could have punched in the stomach to wind him so he would shut the hell up. I tried looking for my own copy of the carols but I didn’t find any spare.

But today, OMG I could have walked out with the way he treated me. I was working on the Restaurant, with my dear friend Ritch. We are more than capable of working the restaurant as we are the longest members of waiting staff. HOWEVER, Ivor decides to go into “manager” mode and start telling us to do our work. I am sorry, but he know how we do things in the restaurant? We had everything under control. Seriously, Ritch and I are a great team but Ivor goes and knocks me off balance and makes me angry. First off he tells me “When” I need to clear a table. I have my own eye’s, I can see when they are all finished. I am not a fucking dumbass you is blind. I’ve looked after the restaurant on my own many times and I’ve had no problem. I was even told that for the lunch time shift, he was sent home early because of his attitude.

Later on, Ivor decides to go and refil the gravy boat from a table, and he comes out from the kitchen saying “You should have done this”. I turn round and said to him ” then you should have asked me to”. I am getting fed up with his attitude but when he does come up to talk to me, he is like two inches away from my nose. I am sorry but the only person I want that close to my face is my fiance.

Oh but to top off the evening with constantly telling Ritch and I that a table has finished eaten is driving me round the freaking bend. Even when I am about to check to see if a table has finished, he moans at me and tells me to clear. Then when he comes to help us take out the food to the table, it pisses me off even more because he isn’t very good at what he does and when he is meant to be working at the bar, he doesn’t even stay there at all. He wonders off and decides he will come and piss off Ritch and I by thinking he is helping, when he is making things worse.

Then when Ritch and myself are discussing what to do about put the tables pre-ordered food on the till, he goes and says “am I just going to do your work for you, you lazy *something*?” I openly said “well leave it alone then”. If someone is going to complain about doing other people’s work for them, when they are meant to be working at a different post, you don’t constantly tell them what to do and then complain when they “decide” they are going to do the work instead.

If he attitude does no improve before my shift tomorrow, then I am going to scream. Oh and another thing, he is the nosiest fucking prick a fucking live. He is trying to get me to date someone on the shit hole that is the Isle of Wight. I am sorry, but I’ve dated a few people here and none of them even come close to my fiance, well he is my fiance.. DUH!! I really do hate it when people who don’t know me, try to tell me what to do. He is really going to get an ear ful tomorrow if he pisses me off like he did today.

Finally I am back!

I’ve not had the net for over a week and I got soooo bored, even playing on the Wii or DS or PSP didn’t help, I got bored of them too easily just playing by myself.

But alas, I am back now and hoping to get back in GFX and maybe trying a few wallpapers.. although mine really do suck. But Really I should be working on my website to try and practise what I’ve during my web designing course.

Anyway.. i doubt anyone really noticed I wasn’t around for a while, but you will see me online now obviously, as I am posting this entry so there 😛