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This is hilarious!!


I think maybe I should move to South Korea…. S.Korean guys are HAWT!

I see we have another person here who thinks all South Korean guys look like the guys in K-dramas. Newsflash, not all Korean guys look like Korean celebrities, whether they be actors or idols. I live in California—my hometown is FULL of South Koreans, and there are also a lot of South Koreans (with international visas allowing them to study in the US) at the university I attend. They don’t look like the celebrities at all. Many of them are just average-looking—I have NOT seen a single Korean guy where i live who looked like Kim So Hyun or any other Korean celebrity.

Okay I posted the message.. and lets face it, it was just a random post but today, someone actually wrote this shit reply.
For someone to actually post this, its just beyond me.

First let me point out. Where in my post do I say that all guys in South Korea look like guys in K-dramas?? Like is there a sub-context I put in there that clearly states that everyone looks like this?? I pretty sure I only stated that “South Korean Guys are HAWT”. This is a general statement. Yes, I have a fetish for asian guys. I also think Japanese guys are hot and cute, I’ve yet to find anyone who is ugly, because its not all about the looks. I am someone who looks inside a person. If you don’t believe me, then clearly, you know jack shit about me.

I know I can be dumb sometimes, so can everyone else. But I really don’t honestly have that naive side where I think everyone looks like people in drama’s. If I did, then I am sure I would look like someone I’ve seen on TV and if its anything to go by, NO I DON’T LOOK LIKE SOMEONE FROM 1DIRECTION OR SPEAK LIKE THE QUEEN! If we are going to go along with this closed minded perspective, then I do speak like the queen and live in a palace. If you haven’t guessed, I’m from the UK, just in case you didn’t know where these examples are from.

Second, wait… this person is basing this on people in California? Does this person even know that things in California are different than South Korea. Or, is my geography that shit that I clearly didn’t know that California IS ACTUALLY South Korea? So it’s not an Asian country at all, but its American. Of course, lets not forget the culture difference as well. Unless the South Korean diet and life style is EXACTLY THE SAME?!?!?!?!?!?!

I know I’m being a bitch, but I am one so who cares! Let me rant for once and get this off my chest.

If you are going to post a smart reply, and say that I think everyone looks like Kim Soo Hyun in South Korea, then please use this comment when I have said this exactly. Otherwise, you are just basing this on your own assumptions and ignoring the clear fact, that I DIDN’T SAY THIS AT ALL IN MY OWN MESSAGE!!!