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Spring Vacation


I can’t believe its Spring Vacation already. Its already been a bit of a roller-coaster.

To think that I’ve finished two years in Japan. I’m loving every minute and I’ve still not had the thought of really not wanting to go to work because of some people I work with. The students still make me laugh. But this vacation has been very relaxing being able to spend time with my family.

Starting my vacation was two days in Tokyo. I arrived after renewing my contact with Interac. In Tokyo, I went to Shibuya to see more of the shops and wonder around to see what was there. This time not being ill compared to last year.

The only downside, was that I went back to my favourite place in Tokyo – Ikebukuro – to see Sunshine City and try to find food. Only Ikebukuro was too busy on both days, so I only ate quickly at any fast food restaurant I could find. But I went shopping really on the first day. Because I had a list of things I wanted to get and thought it would be best to buy in Tokyo as the stores are bigger and things are easier to find. Except in Tower Records in Shibuya, where they have 7 floors and I eventually found the things I was after. To only have to down to the first floor to collect my posters. Which does make sense, it was just difficult because there was going to be a LIVE event on the first (ground) floor and everyone was crowding round.

For the second day, I walked around with my camera and went to Akihabara to see what it was actually like. I think you really need to go with an Otaku friend and walk around the shops. I think I only went into their small Animate store. Before going back to Ikebukuro because its a great place.

The only thing that made me feel uneasy, was when I was at the airport and instead of going to JAL gates, I was directed to British Airways. But I went straight to the desk, I handed my ticket and passport (plus resident card, just in case). I kept replying in Japanese out of habit and got my window seat. I was so happy to have things sorted out quickly.

I arrived back in England safely and I surprised my Parents as they weren’t looking in the direction I entered. After a long almost 13 hours flight, my parents walked me to the car as they drove me back home. It was so strange to notice the real differences between Japan and England. The fact that I could understand most people threw me off a little. Even the little things in Japan I missed. Like the organised queues on the escalators and being able to find vending machines everywhere. You think I would find it strange the other way around. But living in Japan is more like a home. I guess I just adapted a lot more.

Since being in England a lot has happened. I’ve tried to spend time with the friends that I’ve missed. I even had to get new glasses to get a stronger lens for my right eye. I even celebrated my 29th Birthday with my parents and my best friend and her family. I had really missed my best friend. The year has gone by quickly, but it felt like forever since I saw her last. Her little princess has grown up so much. She is so cute and she has grown up so much since I saw her last year.

For my Birthday treat, My mother and I went to Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, UK. I was so gutted last year when my parents went soon after I returned to Japan. It was amazing! I loved seeing parts of the sets, costumes, props and creations used for the movies. We spent almost four hours just walking around and taking 376 photographs. I took a lot of selfies with my handy selfie-stick.


Yet, something’s don’t happen as planned. Last week, I was spending time supporting my Mother as we both spent time with Grandmother before she sadly yet peacefully passed away. All of her family, only a few members who weren’t able or respectfully had space, were with her.


There are a lot of moments that surprise you. But others you will treasure and never forget for the rest of you life. You will always have those who support you. Who will be a shoulder to cry on. Who understands how you feel. You just have to be there for each other. Because you never know when one might be too stubborn and fight OR give in and let go. But waiting for that peaceful moment is the hardest. As you don’t know when things are going to happen. Yet words are always hard to find.


At the moment, I am waiting to hear news about possibly getting funeral dates, which might not get sorted till I have returned to Japan. I am also waiting to hear about my year schedule for this year. I hope it hasn’t changed much, but I only know that my schools haven’t changed. But I am looking forward to meeting the new students this year but it will be the last year I see the students who were in their first year when I arrived. To see them graduate will be something special next year.

Trip to Osaka

Trip to Osaka Photo’s

Well I have finally thought about writing an entry about my short trip to Osaka. First, I want to thank Hoiming for getting tickets and organizing the trip and what to see.
I arrived in Japan 9 months ago and this was my first trip to a different prefecture in Japan. Now the main reason for this trip was because Hoiming was lucky enough to get two tickets to see KAT-TUN Countdown Live 2013. And I was going to turn down the chance to see the sexy Kamenashi Kazuya in the flesh!
I won’t give a detailed recollection of what we did. Because for one, that would be dead boring, long and I would have to remember everything…. So I won’t! You will just get the highlights instead.
We did do a lot of walking for the three days we were in Osaka. We went to see Osaka Castle. The outside is so beautiful. I would taken some really lovely zoomed in shots if it wasn’t for the fact that my zoom in lens is a little broken and the zoom ring doesn’t move at all. But I got some lovely wide shots.
Then going to the Sky Building, which the top floor is 173m above ground. Definitely the tallest building I have ever been in and got to the top level. The elevator ride from the 3rd to the 39th floor was heart stopping. I felt more secure going up the escalator up to the 40th floor even though it bridges between the two buildings with nothing underneath but the ground some 170m below.
Of course, you can’t go on holiday and not go to the shops. Especially when you actually find the HMV store in Osaka!! I did almost buy my favourite KAT-TUN album NO MORE PAIN. But instead I ended up buying EXO’s Miracles in December and Growl (Korean Versions). I also found INFINITE’s L Viewtiful photobook. As taking Photo’s is a hobby of mine, not that I am any good… I couldn’t help myself and I wanted to see what kind of photo’s L likes to take.
A trip to Osaka wouldn’t be complete until you have been to the Johnny’s store. Where you can buy photo’s of your favourite Johnny’s group. I was there for a while. Though I felt a little sorry for KAT-TUN, overall there was only 70 photo’s of them in the store. But I was able to get a lot of Kame. I did also buy some Arashi Photo’s. Buying 29 photo’s in all.
I would also like to say that I successfully bought too much KAT-TUN merchandise before going into Osaka Dome for the concert. Buying the pen light, two keychains, Kame clear file, concert T-Shirt, two towels, Kame Photo’s, group photo’s, pamphlet, poster and bag.
The concert was the biggest highlight of the holiday. KAT-TUN sang the melody’s of their songs before their debut (which I hadn’t heard before as I started listening to them a few years after their debut), to their recently released songs. They have changed so much through out the years and I cannot wait till they do a tour this year. Though I did see on their website, that they will be doing fan meetings this year.
I may have spent a lot over the four days, but I really did enjoy myself and it was great to have a change of scenery in this beautiful country!

December, December, DECEMBER!!

Well winter vacation is here and soon it will be Christmas. Its strange to think that this year, I’ve been so busy to even think about what I am going to do Christmas day. I still haven’t thought about what I want to do. I know how I would love to spend it. Such as spending it with a special someone who wants to spend the day with you as you do with them. That moment where you get to open a present which was specially bought with only you in mind. That warm feeling as their arms is wrapped around you as you want your favourite movies together and drink a few beers. But alas, Don’t Date December is going very well that my perfect way to spend Christmas is not happening this year too. Although, if a hot Asian guy in a suit were to come to my apartment to surprise me, he definitely won’t get turned away LOL I really should start packing for my small trip to Osaka in a few days. Its just that I need to pack but I don’t really have a large bag. So I need to use my brain and see what I can pack. I would love to be able to only have to carry around one bag. But this is me, and I don’t pack lightly. So I will probably be taking two bags. I also need to think about taking bedding with me as I will be staying at a friends house for a night. To which I am very thankful for and I will repay you this time Annik!!!!!! I am currently now just waiting for painkillers to kick in before I go to sleep. Bad cramps are the worst. However, today is not so bad as I was able to take ibuprofen before it started to get really bad. I just need to buy more tomorrow as I didn’t realise I had very little left (like one tablet).  I hope it kicks in soon so I can sleep!!!