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Home made fudge!

FudgeWarning! This is post could get a little depression at some point or another.  So if you don’t want to be influenced by my mood, then stop reading now!

So first all, I made fudge for the first time a few weeks ago!! I really wanted some students to try it as they haven’t had any before and I just wanted to see how it would turn out. The first try was amazing. I made myself so happy that it turned out so well. I then made a bigger batch on my second try to let my students in ESS club and Brass Band Club to try. They really liked it. I just hope I don’t keep making it. There so much sugar that I don’t to have to buy it.

Now lets get this out…

So recently, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are getting engaged this year. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for my friends who are and I wish them the best. But really, its reminded me of how I am still single and no where near close to marrying anyone. I don’t think I am even close to anyone to even think about it. I have in the past with my last relationship and it marriage was talked about etc. But as you can see, I’ve not been with anyone since we broke up. Through my own choice and bad luck with guys. So its probably a good thing that I live in a place where most guys don’t talk to you and its harder when you don’t really know the language.

However, I love it here and the fact that I am not rushing anything. I have a lot of work and I volunteer to start and stay late at one school, so my mind is else where. It just gets a little frustrating where I wish I had someone I could talk to when I get home. Someone who wants to be close to me (not a creepy obsessive way!).

I am just letting off steam as its building up for a while now. But I am someone who is after a long term relationship rather than a one night stand, which is not in my nature. I am technically still young, so I am not too worried. Its just once I turn 29, next year… I will start to panic and maybe even think about country I want to really settle down in…..

First Day Back

Well it’s the first day back to the grind stone. I know I’ve only had 3 weeks off. But it has all gone by so quickly.


I thankfully arrived back in Japan with no problems, my flight wasn’t overbooked and I didn’t get delayed a whole day. The only down-side was that I wasn’t able to sleep as well as I would have hoped. I was one of the few who were fortunate enough to be sitting with an empty seat next to me. So after a while, I gave up trying to be polite and try to sleep in one chair. But I really needed to sleep to help with jetlag. It was just that finding a comfortable way to sleep was difficult. I was seated in the middle 4-seat width column on one side, while on the other side; the person didn’t seem interested in sleeping at all. He was far more comfortable reading his book with the light on. I think he did sleep for a little while, but it wasn’t very long. His light was bright and it didn’t help that I was sat near the toilet in the middle of economy. So I also had the light to show that the toilet was vacant or occupied shining on me. I didn’t really fancy wearing a night mask, so I tried blocking the light with my hands in front of my face or just throwing the blanket over me to dim it out. Overall, I think I got a few hours’ sleep, but it clearly wasn’t really enough. I slept more on the train from the airport to Ueno Station, the shinkansen and the bus from Morioka to Kuji. I guess I was more relaxed than on the plane even though I am sure that it would have been better to sleep on the plane because I didn’t have to worry about missing my stop. Oh well, it’s just one of those things I guess. I am just glad to be back in Kuji safely.


Friday was so hectic. It didn’t help that I had bad jetlag and felt dizzy most of the day. But in the morning I had to meet the new school principals and head of English, which finished at 11:40am. Then I had to go home and then go to Morioka for a health check and to sign my contract. When arrived at the office, I just saw a bunch of smiling faces and frantic hands waving at me. It was great to feel welcomed, but it seems that most of them wanted to talk to me. I didn’t get that finished until around 5:40pm. Then I really wanted to make the most of being in Morioka and near my favourite shop “The Body Shop”. Although google maps hated me and I almost went to the wrong Aeon mall, which was in fact a super market. But it took a fair bit of my petrol while trying to drive around on roads I don’t really know. But once I stopped at a Lawson, and managed to find where the right Aeon mall is. Once I got there, the mall was quiet and I was able to get what I wanted in the Body Shop and then I went to Tower records and found Super Junior M’s Swing mini-album. After that, I went to get a quick snack before the drive back to Kuji. Although, I tried to save the little battery power I had in my phone and not use the GPS to help me find my way back. But I was getting annoyed by the lights of the car behind me instead and ended up turning when I wasn’t meant to. Luckily I didn’t go far and was able to turn around and get back on route. I didn’t do too bad and got back to Kuji in two hours and thirty minutes. It would have been quicker if I had not taken the wrong turning and gotten stuck behind a really slow driver.


Thankfully Saturday was a little bit more relaxing. I did have an Eikaiwa (Adult English Conversation Class) in the morning. I felt a little bad by just leaving instantly. But I was given a Bagel to try and I really enjoyed it. Then I noticed someone was watching Finding Nemo, so I was intrigued to listen to it as it was in Japanese. Afterwards, I was finally able to go shopping and buy all the food and drink that I needed. I arrived too late on Thursday to go shopping and I was also exhausted. Then I definitely didn’t have time on Friday, so I just had to wait. When I got home, I was also finally able to clean the mess that I left before going on holiday.

before After

As you can see, I really did leave it in such a state. In addition, as it was finally warm enough to sleep without using a heater on a timer, I could move my bed back into my tatami room and make way for getting a better sofa into my apartment. Even though I only moved my bed into the room just before Christmas, it was strange to be back into the tatami room.


Today was my first day at a new High School. It was really nerve wrecking to have to start all over again. There isn’t a teachers seating plan, so I can’t try to learn all the staff’s names as it’s a huge staff room and so many faces to put the names to. Luckily I only had two classes to teach today and the students were shy, but I think I managed to get them to open up, even if it was only a little. However, I am still nervous about teaching them from their text book. Although I might know the second years textbook as Taneichi is using the same book. I might be lucky and be able to use the same ideas for the different schools. I am hoping I can get away with that.

In Jolly Old England

20140320_104233I am back in England!! I arrived last Thursday, so I have been here for a week now. It was a long flight of around 14 hours. But I landed in the UK, without any problems.

My little stay in Tokyo was amazing. I was able to visit all the places I wanted to go to. Ikebukuro was just as amazing as the last time I went there. Sunshine City was huge and I was almost tempted to go to the cinema and watch a movie. But I would prefer to go with someone.


It was just great to actually look around and see what was there. I wasn’t in any rush, so it nice to leisurely stroll around. I even went to the big shopping mall. Had lunch there and spent ages in the Hello Kitty Sanrio store. There was so many things I would have loved to had bought. But I limited myself and only got things for friends before looking at what I would have liked to have bought.


Then going to Shinjuku. There is only thing I was searching for there. And I finally found it on my own!! This sculpture took a while to find, but with the help of google maps on my phone, I was able to find it. Its such a beautiful, famous piece of art, that I had to find it. I know its been one of the popular places for drama’s, movies to film near here. Which is why I had to find it and take a selfie with it in the background.

Then on the last day in Tokyo, I met up with my friend Annik and we went for a walk around Asakusa and the Asakusa Kannon Temple. It was busy when we went in the morning. But it was still exciting to see. I even got my fortune, which I have some where in my things. But I can’t be bothered to look for it right now. It was only a small fortune anyway.Asakusa Kannon Temple

Then on my journey to the airport went really smoothly. I am so grateful that in Japan, everything runs like clock work. I thought I had missed my train from Usuguidani to Nippori station because my suitcase wheel was really no in place again, so I was trying not to rush and cause any more damage to the suitcase that was broken by British Airways when I arrived in Japan. Yet, when I got onto the platform, as I memorized which platform I had to go, the train was just pulling into the station. I thought I had missed it because this suitcase was heavy, and I didn’t get any help carrying it up the stairs. The only thing that caught me a little off, was walking to the Sky Liner platform, as I had to find the escalator, as I too tired to try and carry it up a long flight of stairs, buy my ticket near the entrance, and go up another escalator to right platform and get on the train just before it was about to leave. SO I had timed everything really well.

Although,I had to pay for my suitcase being 3Kg over weight, the flight was okay. I had a lot to eat and drink. I took full advantage of the in-flight entertainment and watched 5 movies; Thor: The Dark World, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The Worlds End, Grown Ups 2 and Wolverine Samurai.

Even though my flight was delayed an hour when arriving in London, I went through customs fine even though I was a little nervous, which I don’t know why. Went to collect my heavy suitcase and walked through the doors to the arrivals lounge and spotted my Mother franticly waving and pointing at me before she starts to cry. But I told her to stop before giving her a hug and then hugged my Dad. Then driving back to the Isle of Wight.

Now, this weekend, I am off to Plymouth to meet a friend who I have missed so much since I graduated University. Its the long awaited catch up!! Then next Thursday, I am off to London with my friends Keith, Helen and my Mother for a day trip. See the sights, take lots of photo’s and enjoy the company.

Now In Tokyo!

In Tokyo!I have arrived in Tokyo!!  I am just waiting for my hotel room to warm up while I really plan where I want to go here.

Tue. 18th March: Ikebukuro, to walk around the shops and try and find the cinema such as this:
Durarara!!If you have watchedデュラララ!! then you will understand. Its definitely a great novel, manga and anime.  ROFL! Well its not often that I get to go to Tokyo, so I might as well do an Otaku thing LOL

I am sure I will looking around the shops and seeing if I can find a Hello Kitty store for presents for friends. But I am going to Shibuya, so if I can’t find what I’m looking for, there is bound to be something in Shibuya!

Then go to Shinjuku, to see if I can find the sculptures I’m looking for. There is one that I want to take a selfie next to! Just to show I’ve been there hahaha

Wed. 19th March (Optional): Going to Shibuya just to see what’s there and try to walk across the famous crossing!  Really, if I have time, I might try to go to Shibuya on Tuesday before I meet up with a friend to have a meal for my birthday.

Wed. 19th March: Visit a temple and see any other sites before going back to my hotel, to sleep before leaving in the morning to get to Narita Airport.

Life Goes On

Life Goes OnOkay so this will be the last time I up-date about this sort of thing for a while.

If you follow my facebook then you will already know that I got rejected recently. Well I can’t really blame the guy who is going to marry his fiancé soon. I really do know how to choose them. Anyway, at least I can’t say I tried. But is it bad that rather than hurting from a broken heart, I am numb more than anything?

I guess this is the fourth time in a row where it’s happened, so it’s not really a surprise or anything. Maybe I am just used to it by now. Isn’t there a phrase “Rejection is my only friend”? But isn’t better to have rejection as a friend, than regret? At least I can’t complain that I tried or that I wish I had tried harder. It is strange how things turn out now. But I guess in a way, I am glad it didn’t work out.

If anything, it has opened my eyes that maybe I don’t need to only stay here for four years, like I want to. But I am seriously thinking about working in South Korea too. I could even only stay here in Japan for three years and then maybe two years in Korea or something. I know I am getting close to thirty, and it is my twenty-eighth birthday in exactly one month’s time. So why can’t I explore the world now. Of course I would still love to go to South Korea for a holiday in the summer if I can. I’ve wanted to go there for a while and it is cheaper to fly from Japan than from the UK. At least there is that advantage. I will just have to look further into how about getting a job there. But it is not as if I need to decide soon because I still want to live in Japan longer. I am just thinking about after my job here before going back to England with more life experience and qualifications as a teacher.

In the grander scale of life, I am still really young and it could still just too early for me to settle. Although the peer pressure from other friends who have already got boyfriends and are settling down, it’s still hard to feel out of place. One thing is for sure, I know I am not getting any younger. I just need to live life at my own pace and try to put out the fact, that I am one of the few people who are focused on working (well I should be…) out of my mind.

It’s just a dream as it is to be living in a country I’ve always wanted to visit for years. I have a job here and a very nice apartment. So I just need to worry about that. Plus, since I was a child, I thought I wasn’t cut out for dating and that I would probably end up alone. So why am I disappointed by getting rejected. Okay I admit to being lonely and I’ve been like this for a while. So what is another 5, 10, 20 or so years going to do? At least I get to try and stand on my own two feet in Japan first.

I know I should really focus on learning the language and getting to understand the teachers around me. Maybe I should just try to find some classes first and then work from there. Learning on my own is only helping me in some degree.

I might be getting older, but I just to be confident in myself to not want a want to fill a gap that maybe men cannot fill.

One Big Step

Its Valentines
I finally took one big step today. Although, I did the cowardly thing and didn’t give it to him directly, but I put in his shoe locker instead. But I am still embarrassed that I actually did something like this. I’ve been so long out of the dating game, that even the Japanese way of courting is confusing. But thank goodness for Shoujo manga lol Now I just have to wait. At least, I hope he noticed this bag inside… but if he didn’t, then he had better find it tomorrow >.<

I am still going round in circles about if its really okay to pursue someone who works at the same school as you. But we don’t actually work together or even sit together in the staff room. So that’s a positive thing. Its just I don’t want fellow staff members to think poorly of me for it either. I just like him for who he is and I have no hidden agenda.

However, how can anyone not like this guy for who he is? His way of say hello is adorable because he is a shy guy. But on Monday, he was shovelling the snow (yeah I looked at ass at some point or another.. well if he would have his back to me, what else am I meant to do 😛 ). He was standing under the porch roof, about to move more snow when a large pile of snow falls directly in front of him. So he turns round to see if anyone saw as well, and it just so happened to me. So he does this kind of “kyaaaaa” face and I can’t help but laugh, but I am also trying to think of something to say in Japanese, but all the words escape my mind and I carry on laughing. I think I was the only one who saw so it was our little moment.

I think people who are smart enough must have caught on that I like him. I think I smile to him more than anyone else and I tend to look around the room more to see if he is there.

Except for today. The only reason I was able to sneak his chocolates into his shoe locker was because there was a meeting at 2pm and there wasn’t any students around. So I put it in when no one was around. After that, I kept my head down went back to writing notes on a book I’ve been reading for almost a year now about planning lessons and classes. This is solely for my Eikaiwa’s (English conversation classes). I know Interac. has their way of teaching so I follow their guidelines for school lessons.

Now its a waiting game to see if he actually contacts me. I am really thankful for my friends who helped me write in a card. It was only a little message in Japanese. So I hope he understands.

Fingers crossed people!

It’s Vast Approaching!

Might be ready...Valentine’s Day is vast approaching. I bought these chocolates for the guy I like today. Although, for a an hour or so I’ve been wondering if I made the right choice. What if he has a nut allergy or something. I don’t want him to end up in hospital or anything.

I don’t think I’ve ever thought so much about Valentine’s day as much as I have this year. I know it might have something to do with being in a different country and going by what they do. But still, even though I dated in the past, I never really gave anyone a present because I wanted to tell them I really like them. I just want things to work out as this has slowly been progressing over 9/10 months.

I think I had another clue this week that he likes me. On Thursday, I decided to wear a hat to work because my ears would still get really cold when standing outside for 35mins to greet the students in the morning. Then one of the Diving teachers said he liked my hat and I had “nice sense”, which I am guessing he meant it looked good. Now the two other teachers were laughing a little at his simple English. Then the embarrassing moment when along comes Mr. Sexy, he says his usually “Goodo Mornigu”. But then he stands still about a meter in front of me, does his smile with a nod. I think I then smile way too much to see him stand still for a moment before he embarrassingly carries on walking into school. But as he walks past the other teachers, the one who said he liked my outfit, I think tries to get him to say the same. Then the other teacher’s join in. It was like they are ganging up on him to say something about how I look. So I nervously look in their direction to see him looking at me. He sadly (yet also cute too) scurries away into the building.

Now I was embarrassed at the time too, but I keep waiting for him to say something. I don’t want to push him, but he really needs to speak up soon! I just hope that these chocolates are the key. I have figured out how to give him the chocolates.. I found that his shoe locker is near mine! Well, thats if I have recognized the Kanji for his name correctly. But that means its easier to slip it in when I have a free lesson on Thursday as I don’t go to the school on a Friday, so he will get the chocolates a day early.

All that is left to do now, is figure out how to write the message. I was thinking something like:


That is as far as I get. It looks so lame to write just that. Yet, what else do I say? “彼氏ください。” (Please be my boyfriend)…. Thinking of what to write is almost as bad as what chocolates to get T__T


Horrible Day

I finally had my first lesson in learning the Koto (Japanese Harp) yesterday with class 1A. I was little nervous as it was my first time learning an instrument in Japan, even more so as the music is in Japanese and in Japanese style. Thank goodness most of the strings are just numbered and don’t have a name. Therefore, it’s a little easier for mean the teacher made a key of all the names, just in case.

It is a very lovely instrument and I can’t wait to have another lesson. I would like to really learn it and then show off to people back home that I have a sixth instrument I can play. I was also asked if I wanted to learn another Japanese instrument and I wasn’t going to turn down such an offer. I might as well learn as much as I can while I am here.

However, today was another matter. It was both horrible and good.

I was unsure on how I would do with my last lesson with my 3K students. This class of boys were the first class I ever taught back in April and I didn’t know what to expect from them. This past year I have seen all my students open up and accept me as their teacher. Even more so to the third year classes. They were a really interesting group and it will be sad to see them leave. But they still haven’t technically finished school. But I wish I could be there for their graduation ceremony. I don’t think I am welcomed though. I know I should asked if I can play but I feel like that would be imposing on them.

Anyway, I was 15 minutes into teacher their lesson. Only to have my JTE, come to the class and ask me to go to 1B instead. This is when I go into panic mode, because I totally didn’t plan their lesson and no extra materials like it said in my SLP. Because I had a new schedule placed on my desk on Monday. And when I asked the JTE  if I have 3K and not 1AB, he said yes. So I was really confused. I had planned a little speech at the end of 3K class as a thank you and good luck. But now I won’t ever get to say it to them (TT__TT)

Okay, so its update time!

Now I haven’t been talking much to the guy I like recently because it’s hard to start a conversation. However, he still does his cute, nervous and shy head nod while smiling. I think he only does it to me… I have not seen him do it to anyone else. So that’s something right?

I am still unsure about it all really. It’s a little strange that he works at the same school I do, but that also makes me wonder if its worth pursuing such a thing. It definitely is a hard to stop going around in circles.

It doesn’t help that I haven’t heard anything from him yet. Maybe writing my email and number in pencil wasn’t a good idea.. or he never opened it because he doesn’t like me the way I think he does. Which is also possible.

The Japanese Winter

The Japanese winter has finally taken its toll on me, I think. I have the start of a cold at a moment. I’ve been sniffing a lot so far today. But don’t worry, I have been taking medicine to help it pass. It is just annoying that I get the cold now and still have a week to teach. At least it was not so bad yesterday when I had a performance with the brass band club at my High School.

So yesterday, All the High Schools in Kuji played in a concert at the Amber Hall. It more of a show case of the Arts from the schools. I was asked to play at this concert last Tuesday and I was somewhat reluctant to agree. But I guess I shouldn’t hold back because my sight reading isn’t bad and I can pick things up quickly. So I gave it a shot and I didn’t do too bad on it. It was only Jupiter by Holst that proved, not only difficult for me, but for the students too. But we somehow got through it.

However, I almost got hit in the face by a flute on Saturday. They don’t position the band like an orchestra and put a pair at a bit of an angle. So when we played a piece, which has the band dancing, they really need to learn spatial awareness. Although, I can’t say anything, because I hit the girl next to me. I did feel a little worse because I am a foreigner and I guess I shouldn’t be there anyway.

I did enjoy myself and I was grateful for the opportunity to take part.


Okay so now for the up-date.

Some of you may (or may not) know that there is a guy who has taken a liking to me. It’s taken me a while to figure it all out, because my mind has been all over the place.


I gave the guy I like the small box of omiyage (souvenirs) from my trip. I say gave… I put it on his desk when he wasn’t there. But he did the cutest thing and I almost died. He came up to me with a huge smile on his face with the box at hand. He stood really close to me and then said thank you and “今年もよろしくお願いします”, which means “Please, look after me this year too”. I am sure I went red at the time because not only were there people behind us, but I was trying to work out how to use the photocopier with someone.  I did not say anything about my email was written inside, because that would be embarrassing as I try to figure out how to say it Japanese.

Now it’s the wonderful waiting game. He has my details, will there be an exchange?? As I didn’t see him last Thursday because he wasn’t here (I was feeling guilty and thought I did something really bad). But this morning, when I saw him, he was cute little “it’s cold but I want to say something” face.

If I hear anything, I am sure it will be up on my fb, so look out for it. LOL!


One of those days

It really has been one of those days.


First I wake up a little late (9:30am), and then I decided to lay in bed and read a book as I didn’t have work today. I’ve totally gone into lazy mode that I hope I can get up okay next week when I go back to work.


Anyway, I had a little panic as the cold tap in the bathroom and the toilet were not letting water through. I thought some of the pipes had frozen and I would have to pay a lot of money to get it fixed. However, after contacting Interac and them ringing me with a way to fix it. It turns out that it was only a little bit frozen and I had completed turned off the tap below the sink, so thats why it wasn’t letting any water through the tap. I feel like such an idiot, but relieved that I don’t have to pay a lot of money for someone to fix it.


Otherwise, if you haven’t noticed, I have finally been able to import all of my posts from my WordPress blog onto my blogger as its currently down for me. So now you can look at all the depressing crap I posted back in 2008 to the exciting wonders of living in Japan. With the added hint of dating people who turned out to be total dicks to me and thus making me stronger and more cautious on who I should date in the future.


There is one down side to being off work… I feel at a loss of what to do. I know there is something I should be doing, but I am still waiting for the information I need to start working on it and when I think that I need to go out and buy more paper for my little origami boxes I’m making, I realise that its still working hours and I can’t leave my house. So I a little distracted by reading manga or watching rather hawt guys in Korean Drama’s to help pass the time and then I get to lazy to want to actually leave my warm spot sitting under my kotatsu with my space heater next to me. And its only Wednesday… so I have to figure out how to pass the time to stop me from wanting to go out and go shopping. I have already been out and bought curling tongs and a coat, which although are both helpful, I should be saving my money for my trip back to England and my rented car goes in for its 6month check on Friday.


As long as I don’t leave the house much, then I should be okay with saving my money…. I hope!