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괜찮아, 사랑이야 ~ Review

Its Okay, Thats Love First of all, I must apologise for this review if it starts to get really long. This drama was very moving for me and I will to focus of review the series as much as I can, rather than rant about what actually comes to my mind.

Its a story about a guy who is a famous author. But his girlfriend then plagiarizes his novel. He meets a psychiatrist on a TV show and takes a liking to her. Due to problems with the media, he moves into a house share where it just so happens to be the same house where the psychiatrist Ji Hae Su lives. He tries to live a quiet life style but slowly learns about the traumatic past of all his house mates.

Now this drama deals with a lot mental disorders and I think this helped me understand a lot about how even people who think they are strong and are not ill, yet have a traumatic event in their past can be ill without knowing it. I have problems with my mental health in the past and I tried not to watch it all in one goes because I was worried I would start to relate and think back to past events. Which sadly, didn’t work out when I almost finished the drama last night. But that is what you get when you have previously dated people with a mental disorder. And later having depression and anxiety a few years later.

I guess that is why I was interested in watching this drama. I really wanted to understand more about the different kinds and how it really does effect their lives.

It really is a great drama and its very interesting to see couples where one has an illness but has a supporting partner who stands by them and helps support them everyday. I guess we are really looking for someone who will accept the flaws and just support them in the way that they need. Its not always easy to find someone like that, but once you do, please don’t let go of them. Its rare to find the right person for you.

The actors did very well in portraying their characters. I had watched part of episode 5 while I was on holiday in Korea, and I finally got round to watching it. Its definitely a rare drama that touches on such a subject that is kind of hidden from society and people try to ignore. It was really put together and the cast really did an amazing job. Plus D.O. was cute and I hope he acts more in the future if he can.

I would suggest you watch this drama if you get the chance. Its a great eye opener but be careful. I was expecting to cry because of the last two episodes, but it was very moving for me.