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Nerves Starting to Build

Last Friday, I actually applied for a job… Shock Shock Horror Horror!


I filled in the online application form last Friday and I got an email on Monday saying that I have been accepted into having a telephone interview. First of all… OMG I have an interview! Second… OMG they replied! Well, I rang the recruitment number, and I have my telephone interview tomorrow (Wednesday 14th April) at 9am.

I’ve never worked in a bank before, but I’m a fast learner so it won’t be so bad. From what they told me on the phone, if I am accepted for the job, I will have 4 weeks of full time training Monday to Friday, and then I will be working part-time hours afterwards, working on Saturday’s if needed. To me that sounds like a pretty cool job. I would finally get some stable working hours. Plus the income is better than at my previous work where I was a waitress and bartender. How I managed to stay in that place for over a year I do not know. But a bank job would be better than that, thats for sure.

So wish me luck for tomorrow!!!