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Its been a long time everyone. I hope everyone is healthy, I am so-so. It is cold and rainy in Taneichi Town today, this reminds me of English weather. It is relaxing! The students I teach are amazing! They help me with my Japanese.  I study Japanese in my free time. I am still studying. I do my best!
If my Japanese is wrong, I am sorry.

本当にお久しぶり!It has been a month since I last posted anything. I’ve been on Summer vacation. Even thought it was a great time to go and sightsee, in the end, I ended up staying at home and going to the local festivals. I’ve not been saving up much money so I’ve had to try and cut back my spending to make sure I have plenty of money for October when I get for just about two weeks of work in August at the end of September. Although, I was able to practice more of the simple kanji. It may be strange trying to write it because I am someone who remembers things with practice. I can’t just look at it and remember it. But it is fun to learn and I’ve managed to find a program for my computer which tests me every day on the Kanji I choose. At the moment I am only working on the JLPT NS5 Kanji. But its funny to look back at my old notebook of Japanese from a year ago and see how much smaller the kanji has become now. Surely, that means I am getting used to writing it now, right?!

Otherwise, I’ve been to the nearest bigger city a few times this summer. I even got sunburnt by staying out in the sun for three hours without sun cream. I was too busy taking photo’s, which I have uploaded to facebook. It was nice to get out of the house and go for a drive. I also went to watch the fireworks in kuji and Noda. The fireworks here are so pretty to watch and colourful.

I finally went to a BBQ last weekend and I had a good time. I didn’t get to speak to many of the local’s much because I finally realised my Japanese skills is just so low T_T I really wonder why I have a job here sometimes. But it was strange to meat was constantly cooked while there was people there. Okay, so a lot of people actually brought a lot of meat with them. But, it was a good thing. I only took small bits at a time, as to not seem too greedy, but the food was delicious!