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보고싶다 ~ Review

Missing You보고싶다 or Missing You

I really should first apologise for writing this review so late! I actually finished watching this drama in August 2013, but I didn’t realise that I never wrote a review. Sorry!

This drama really did make me like Micky more as an actor. And he didn’t take of his shirt to interest me! I really love watching Yun Eun Hye since I saw her movie “Little Black Dress”. She definitely is definitely a good actress. I did marathon this drama because it was so moving and I really hated the young guy who wanted the girl all to his self and is a total selfish bastard. But  that’s just my opinion.

I loved how this drama didn’t so focus on the female. Instead, it showed how Han Jeong Woo was in constant search for her and never once believed she was dead. I really loved this view rather than it always being about a girl being in love. It had Micky showing different emotion’s and I loved his acting. He adorable smile won me over.

The only down side, is I really hated Gang Hyeong Jun. He was this obsessed character, who used money to keep people close to him. He was a spoilt child who I just totally detested by. But the sweet romance between Lee Su Yeon and Jeong Woo was romantic, even with Jeong Woo as the focus of trying to win her again and show that he has always had her in his heart. Which girl wouldn’t love that?!?!

If you are fed up with the cliché drama’s, then please give this one a try. It really was a good watch!