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6 months later…

I can’t believe my last post was all the way back in January!!

There is so much to talk about:

  1. Moved to Hiroshima
  2. In a new relationship
  3. Working at HS and 6 ES
  4. Amazing friends
  1. Moved to Hiroshima

After living in Iwate for 3 years, the big move finally came! Although it was no way in hell a smooth ride! I was panicking because I had waaaay too much stuff to move and not enough time to pack it all up. But then the person who came to check was late by two hours! Then the car broke down near Sendai, so we had to travel the rest of the way to Hiroshima on the Shinkansen. Which was all ok, but it was all on my 30th Birthday.. yaaay -___-

But after a week of training in Okayama, I finally moved into my new apartment. It’s great, about the same size as my previous apartment. The only downside is that I am now without a car! I got rid of it because it would be too expensive to repair. However, My Father and I had to travel all the way back to Sendai, pay to get remove my additional paid parts and then travel all the way back with two suitcases of whatever we could pack from a tightly packed car T__T

It was a good thing that if didn’t take long with my parents help to unpack everything and settle it. It was also lucky that my friend had a washing machine and fridge freezer going spare, so I took it off her hands.

  1. New Relationship

Well, I won’t go into detail with this because we like our privacy. But I met someone and we have now been dating for over 3 months now (almost 100 days!). It is still strange to be in a relationship and be in Japan. But I am happy and that is what matters.


  1. Working in HS and ES

One thing about the move is that my role here is very different to before. I teach at one HS (High School) three days a week. My workload has drastically changed. Instead of having the teachers telling me what lessons I should be teaching each week. The roles are reversed. I tell the teachers what lesson I will be teaching. I was very nervous at first with all the weight on my shoulders. But I have settled into it and I love it. I don’t have to deal with grammar translation but instead focus more on the communicative activities for my lessons.

In addition, I now teach at 6 ES (Elementary Schools).  All the schools are in a weekly rotation so it’s a nice change to end the week. I was nervous about the new challenge, but now I really enjoy it. Of course I get a little nervous teaching infront a whole room of students after only being told what the JTE (Japanese Teacher of English) wants me to do 30 minutes before the lesson. But the students are so energetic and open to learning English, it’s a nice change LOL!

  1. Amazing friends

Now this is the real reason for posting. I would be so lost if it wasn’t for my amazing friends Nathalie, Kelly, Hoiming and Lu! These 5 amazing women have been so supportive over the past 6 months and I do miss their company with crazy nights out and chats! Thank Gawd we have LINE (a messaging app that is popular in Japan)!!!! Just having friends to talk to every day is perfect! I know that recently I don’t get to go out much. Even more so as I recently bought a PS4 and signed up for Netflix. Plus, I spend my weekends with my boyfriend.

Its just great to have friends who understand me and we get along so well! Plus we even have amazing conversations. And this is the reason for the up-date. Just to prove how amazing well we get along!!

Me: I glad we all still talk. I would totally be totally lost.
N: Me too… Seriously you ladies are one of the best things that have happened to me EVER. Heart
Me: Yup yup
N: I feel bad because I post often but I’m not kidding when I say it helps to talk with you lovely ladies.
H: Sent a sticker
Me: Dont feel bad. I feel bad for not posting much.
H: Imagine that as group hug
N: I think we would huddle together like that too. lol
H: and that’s the beauty of LINE – we catch up at our convenience
Me: Thats true
N: Very true.
N: So nice.
Me: And leave lots of messages for Peter and Noodles to read
N: I’m pretty sure this is like a woman’s talk show and we give insight into the female mind.
Me: Or a free novel to read with multiple characters
Me: Minus a few dragons, witches, ghosts, etc
N: Wait, EXs are kind of like ghosts
N: And problems are kind of like Dragons
N: And bitches be witches
Me: Na
Me: Bitches be zombies
N: Shotgun targets
Me: They die but still come back uglier than before
N: ψ(`∇´)ψ
N: Yes yes
N: Sent a sticker
Me: Exs be vampires.. they suck the life out of you
N: But vampires can be cool…
N: How about poltergeists?
Me: Hummmm,
Me: Or a shapeshifter
Me: Shapeshifter*
N: Oooooo
N: Shapeshifter
N: Using their knowledge to get to you… And having ugly skin shedding abilities.
N: Yup sounds about right
Me: And easily change to a different person
N: “I’ve changed now! I’m a new man!” (=___=;;;)
N: Yup
N: That works
Me: Totally works
Me: Old best friends are like witches… once they gain power or what they want, they leave you or use you.
N: Oh. MY. GAWD. It’s too perfect!
N: Sent a sticker
N: That’s EXACTLY how I would describe it!!!
Me: Lol
Me: A poltergeist is more like that stalker/groupie. Looking for your attention. To be noticed.
N: *shiver*
N: Creepers be creeping
Me: Yup
N: We seriously need to write some of the stuff we come up with down. Lol
Me: Or achive the chat lol. Send it to an email address and save the copy lol

One of the best conversations to have. Even if it was influenced by Supernatural ROFL. It still totally works, right?!?!



Moving to Iwate Prefecture, Japan

Map of Japan

I received a phone call from Japan yesterday morning from Interac Recruitment and Placement Department. I was offered a placement, which I could accept in the next 24 hours. I will be moving to Iwate Prefecture, Japan. I will be working within two High Schools and will need to drive. It will be an exciting new challenge to be teaching in a High School. I am completely new to teaching though. But I am still very excited to be given this opportunity to work in such an environment.

Luckily, yesterday was a day off work so I was able to look for all the information I could find on Iwate Prefecture|岩手県. Its very interesting to see what the climate is like. It was closer to the Hokkaido than I thought it was. But that means that I get to enjoy Snow 6 months of the year.

From what I’ve read on-line, Iwate is the second biggest prefecture in Japan after Hokkaido. So it comes to no surprise that so far I will one of six ALTs of Interac will be placed there. I am looking forward to working with so many people and meet the current ALTs who are already working in Japan. It will be interesting to see where the intense training is going to be held. But I am sure once its over, the group of us will be able to travel to Iwate together and have orientation at the Morioka Branch (well I think that is what is going happen, nothing has been confirmed yet).

Moving to Iwate Pref. is probably one of the biggest steps I’ve ever taken. I know it took me a while to get here, but somehow I managed it. I was sure that with the troubles of collecting paperwork and references that I wouldn’t seem eager enough to want a job with Interac. Yet I guess I was proven wrong. People have told me to have more confidence in myself. For me to get this placement must prove something. I am clearly able to do more than I think. Hopefully teaching will help me build up my confidence and faith in myself. I will definitely be building up courage to speak in front of students ageing 15-18 years old. But at the same time, I can relate to the age group more. Although I might feel really old compared to them, I will just have to get used to that though.

I really cannot wait to move. I will be looking forward to be able to explore what Iwate has to offer.

A Trip to Iwate – Iwate Prefecture Tourism Portal Site
Excursion in Zipangu, the Land of Gold Explore the modern-day Zipangu around Hiraizumi where Golden Culture still thrives

Looking through this website, I am looking forward to learning how to Ski during the long winder. As well as being able to go to the Onsen’s and temples which are in such beautiful surroundings. I am really glad to have bought my Nikon D3100 now as I can really put it to go use.

As I’ve yet to have from the Morioka Branch for further info, I am sure to update this blog very soon ヽ(^Д^)ノ

I am going to Japan!!


Oh yes people, I am going to Japan! I will be leaving in March to start work in April. I really couldn’t believe what I was reading when I got an email from the Recruitment office in Japan offering me a job. I really did think that I didn’t do well in the demo lessons that they wouldn’t offer me any placement at all. However, my friends kept telling me to believe and have more confidence in myself. I have tried for a similar position in Japan via the JET programme but I didn’t even get to the interview stage. Now that I have a TEFL qualification and have applied for work via one of the biggest companies who send ALTs to Japan, I have been more successful. One thing I am most unsure of, is my level of Japanese. I’ve tried my best to study the language myself. Yet when I had to introduce myself in Japanese for the presentation part of my interview.. I so hope it was good enough for them to understand. I have never spoken to anyone who is Japanese in Japanese before. So I wasn’t sure of what level my understanding actually is, so I went for Beginner as it is true in some ways.

The most exciting part now is beginning. I have to sent the last three forms of my application to Japan before the 10th January. Then I have to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility and apply for my visa before arriving in Japan. Once the CoE is completed, then my placement will be confirmed. Hopefully then I will find out where about in Japan I will be placed. I am not too fussy as to where I want to go. To me, as long as I get to experience life in Japan and do my best at my job then I will not mind at all. Its going to be a fresh new start for me where I can finally relax and become stronger in myself.

This past year has been the most difficult year of all. From hitting the lowest of the lows in life and doing things that I never thought I would do. To actually taking that jump, getting a qualification and being offered in a job that is my dream job really. I have always wanted to be a teacher from a young age because I want to help children learn more about the world and help them out in any way I can. Its amazing to watch a child grown and mature. Plus they can be so unpredictable that it makes life more entertaining.

So wish me luck for the future and please still contact me when I am there. I will miss my closest friends and family above all. So please don’t forget me!!