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Proud Moments

From StudentIts a proud moment yet tearful one when I read this. A student gave me her exchange diary today and she wrote this message inside. I had a very small class of 9 3rd year students studying Oral Communication. But now their final tests have started and I don’t get to teach this amazing little group any more.

This small class was such a joy to teach and I really got to know them. They were the perfect small group of students who interacted, listened and studied very hard. I hope their little project was enjoyable as they learnt about describing a character, while reviewing what they had already learnt but put in a different way and expanded on it.

Compared to when I first started teaching them and starting the exchange diaries, their English has improved so much and so has their pronunciation. I am rather sad to say good bye to my 3rd year students as they welcomed me the most and talked to me a lot during and outside of classes.

Seeing a student write something like this makes me proud and very happy to have come to this country to teach. There may have been times when I confused them why trying my best to explain.

Now I can only wish them the best and hope they don’t forget what they have learnt during my lessons .

All The Best 3A at Taneichi!

Its Karma Bitch!

Looking through my fb history and I’ve got to admit. Damn have I been through a lot of shit! A failed longterm relationship and broken friendships, becoming an outcast, being rejected and struggling with personal problems.

But look at where this biatch is now! I got through all that and ended up making my dreams come true. If that isn’t a slap in face to all those bastards who ruined my life.. then I hope karma comes and bites you in the ass!! Its karma Bitch!