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Proud Moments

From StudentIts a proud moment yet tearful one when I read this. A student gave me her exchange diary today and she wrote this message inside. I had a very small class of 9 3rd year students studying Oral Communication. But now their final tests have started and I don’t get to teach this amazing little group any more.

This small class was such a joy to teach and I really got to know them. They were the perfect small group of students who interacted, listened and studied very hard. I hope their little project was enjoyable as they learnt about describing a character, while reviewing what they had already learnt but put in a different way and expanded on it.

Compared to when I first started teaching them and starting the exchange diaries, their English has improved so much and so has their pronunciation. I am rather sad to say good bye to my 3rd year students as they welcomed me the most and talked to me a lot during and outside of classes.

Seeing a student write something like this makes me proud and very happy to have come to this country to teach. There may have been times when I confused them why trying my best to explain.

Now I can only wish them the best and hope they don’t forget what they have learnt during my lessons .

All The Best 3A at Taneichi!

So Annoyed!

Okay, my mood is a little ruined now… I just found that an image of mine that I did a few years ago is on sites I never uploaded it to (>___<). I know Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East) is a great anime. But to upload MY “Our Kiss” wallpaper to other sites without my permission… totally annoyed me!

If you see it on other site than on My Deviant, My facebook, My Tumblr (Sazzy-Bu) and my own website. Then I didn’t upload it to that site!! I will only upload my work under my own username. It really annoys me when I find that some users have done this to me!!