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News Update

I had been meaning to add a new entry, but it seems I never find the motivation to do so. So here I am, typing away.

I managed to figure out how to make a CSS gallery, and I am pleased to say, that it is finished unless I create new pieces, in which case I will be uploading them for all to see. The only other addition to the site, that I can think will help, is a guestbook. But I am not entirely sure if it will be a good thing to add. Due to the fact that I have this blog and I think I can get a plug-in to add a guest book to here. So please comment on if you think I should add one or not.

Otherwise, I have been able to get a 2 month extension to my course work. Seeing I only have 5 more topics to cover and that should be more than enough time to finish them. I’ve even gone as far as to make up a study timetable so I don’t spend so much time just doing one topic. I know it might be a little strange to do, but it really does help me a lot and thats the main thing. The only two long topics are PHP and CIW security but I am hoping to get them done quickly. I don’t want my parents to waste their money on something I never got around to finishing.

As far as my GFX skills go, I am kind of improving especially since I’ve become more serious in GFX and trying to get my skills up to a high level. I think at the moment, its more around intermediate level. So I must be getting there. If you haven’t noticed, I have even started to create wallpapers now. Some might not be as good as others. But I am really getting to photomontage type images. Its just the rendering of some of the images that takes a while. But I am really please with how they have turned out so far.

Which reminds me, I have also added a new section to the gallery, which is tutorials. I started making them ages ago. Seeing as this site is an online portfolio, I thought it would be wise to upload them to here. Some are better at explaining for those who are beginners but then the most recent is less explained to act more as a guide on how things where done rather than a instruction as I’ve seen in most signatures.

So please have a look around the site, and comment back ^_^