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Christmas Holiday


Finally.. an Up-Date!

I am sorry for not posting this any sooner, but I have been really busy with helping students write about their own winter vacation and then preparing them for their final exams. As well as grading them for their speaking and reading tests.

So this winter vacation has been really eventful. To start off with, I had a 忘年会 or “Forget the year party” with my main school. It was the first time I had been asked out to join a party with this school and it was hilarious to see how light weight some teachers are. There was an after party for female staff, which I was invited to as well. Although I didn’t realise I had to prepare a gift for a secret santa… Bugger!

The next day, I travelled to Tokyo and went to the best café I’ve ever been to!
IMG_0058 IMG_0060

The Moomin café is the cutest café I have ever been to. So if you happen to go to the café on your own, then they will put a Moomin character opposite you to keep you company. How cute is that?!?!?! It was the only reason I want to go to Tokyo a day early before meeting going to Narita Airport.

The next day, on December 21st, I was almost an hour late getting to the airport to meet my parents because I got on the wrong train. But I was so happy they arrived safely. I was worried they have big difficulties because its their first holiday abroad and its to Japan where they have no knowledge of the language. After meeting them and then finally eating my breakfast, we set off to Tokyo Station and walked around for a little bit before catching the Shinkansen to Ninohe where I left my car, so I could drive them my apartment in Kuji.

For the first week, we stayed in Kuji and I took them to some places near by so they could see local sites etc. As well was meeting my friends in Ninohe where we had a Christmas Party and I made my first cake in Japan!! As well as successfully cooking a roast-like Christmas Dinner for my parents. It was great to finally to be able to cook food I had missed for such a long time.

On the 28th we took the Night bus to Tokyo and went to Asakusa to see the Temple there. But in typical British fashion, it was raining and I didn’t have my umbrella with me, so we ended up going back to Tokyo station as I wasn’t really sure my parents would want to go to Ikebukuro (my favourite part of Tokyo)… We waited there before getting on the Shinkansen to Osaka. I was really nervous about this part of the holiday because I’m not really that good at planning a holiday (compared to my friend Hoiming) and my Japanese is fairly limited.

I still had fun and I think my parents enjoyed seeing the city and Osaka Castle. I think they might have gotten a little sick on Shinsaibashi Suji (a famous long shopping roofed arcade – its really hard to describe). The main two reasons to go to Osaka is because…

No 1:
20141231_212021 20141231_211929
Hoiming go tickets to KAT-TUN’s countdown LIVE on New Year’s EVE! We got such great seats this time and it was totally worth the price. Being so close to main stage and to the travelling stages where I got to see Kame’s might fine self perched on the rail to him doing his sexy hip swaying 😛 I did scream a lot, and Hoiming had to put up with strange comments, but we both enjoyed the concert. It was just the train ride back to Osaka station that was not so pleasant. Getting literally pushed onto a train at 2am is not really my cup of tea and the train was so crowded that everyone almost fell over.

No 2:
20150101_110112 20150101_110048
Finally going to Universal Studio’s Japan and going to Harry Potter World. It was fun to go on the different rides. The only downside was, it was really cold and we weren’t really dressed for it to snow, which it did. Plus, the time we could get to get into Harry Potter world was 5:30pm. We had to walk round for hours before we could go to the place I wanted to go to. But we got to go on four other rides, so it wasn’t so bad.

It was fun to be back in Osaka after a year, and it possibly might turn into a yearly thing if Hoiming can get tickets again next year. So that will be cool. But I won’t be there for long because I have to fly back to England to go to my Older Brother’s Wedding on the 2nd of January 2016. I really need to save up money for that trip and book my flight back in plenty of time. Its just a shame that I will be going to the wedding without a plus one T_T but who knows, there is still 11 months to go 😛

FOr the last week of my parents vacation, we stayed in Kuji again and I took them to Ryusendo Caves. Mum had a little panic attack on the never ending stair case, but she did and I proud of her for not giving up. But I didn’t really give her a choice and dragged up and down the stairs 😛 At least she can say she has done it now 😛

Now my parents are planning to back to Japan in 2016 in March so they can see the Sakura in Sendai, which is where they want to go next. So that will be nice. It just means I have to save a lot of money this year for both vacations next year >.<

Overall, I had a great vacation with my parents and I was a little sad and worried when they travelled to Tokyo alone but they got back to England safely and I’m glad they enjoyed themselves.

Trip to Osaka

Trip to Osaka Photo’s

Well I have finally thought about writing an entry about my short trip to Osaka. First, I want to thank Hoiming for getting tickets and organizing the trip and what to see.
I arrived in Japan 9 months ago and this was my first trip to a different prefecture in Japan. Now the main reason for this trip was because Hoiming was lucky enough to get two tickets to see KAT-TUN Countdown Live 2013. And I was going to turn down the chance to see the sexy Kamenashi Kazuya in the flesh!
I won’t give a detailed recollection of what we did. Because for one, that would be dead boring, long and I would have to remember everything…. So I won’t! You will just get the highlights instead.
We did do a lot of walking for the three days we were in Osaka. We went to see Osaka Castle. The outside is so beautiful. I would taken some really lovely zoomed in shots if it wasn’t for the fact that my zoom in lens is a little broken and the zoom ring doesn’t move at all. But I got some lovely wide shots.
Then going to the Sky Building, which the top floor is 173m above ground. Definitely the tallest building I have ever been in and got to the top level. The elevator ride from the 3rd to the 39th floor was heart stopping. I felt more secure going up the escalator up to the 40th floor even though it bridges between the two buildings with nothing underneath but the ground some 170m below.
Of course, you can’t go on holiday and not go to the shops. Especially when you actually find the HMV store in Osaka!! I did almost buy my favourite KAT-TUN album NO MORE PAIN. But instead I ended up buying EXO’s Miracles in December and Growl (Korean Versions). I also found INFINITE’s L Viewtiful photobook. As taking Photo’s is a hobby of mine, not that I am any good… I couldn’t help myself and I wanted to see what kind of photo’s L likes to take.
A trip to Osaka wouldn’t be complete until you have been to the Johnny’s store. Where you can buy photo’s of your favourite Johnny’s group. I was there for a while. Though I felt a little sorry for KAT-TUN, overall there was only 70 photo’s of them in the store. But I was able to get a lot of Kame. I did also buy some Arashi Photo’s. Buying 29 photo’s in all.
I would also like to say that I successfully bought too much KAT-TUN merchandise before going into Osaka Dome for the concert. Buying the pen light, two keychains, Kame clear file, concert T-Shirt, two towels, Kame Photo’s, group photo’s, pamphlet, poster and bag.
The concert was the biggest highlight of the holiday. KAT-TUN sang the melody’s of their songs before their debut (which I hadn’t heard before as I started listening to them a few years after their debut), to their recently released songs. They have changed so much through out the years and I cannot wait till they do a tour this year. Though I did see on their website, that they will be doing fan meetings this year.
I may have spent a lot over the four days, but I really did enjoy myself and it was great to have a change of scenery in this beautiful country!

December, December, DECEMBER!!

Well winter vacation is here and soon it will be Christmas. Its strange to think that this year, I’ve been so busy to even think about what I am going to do Christmas day. I still haven’t thought about what I want to do. I know how I would love to spend it. Such as spending it with a special someone who wants to spend the day with you as you do with them. That moment where you get to open a present which was specially bought with only you in mind. That warm feeling as their arms is wrapped around you as you want your favourite movies together and drink a few beers. But alas, Don’t Date December is going very well that my perfect way to spend Christmas is not happening this year too. Although, if a hot Asian guy in a suit were to come to my apartment to surprise me, he definitely won’t get turned away LOL I really should start packing for my small trip to Osaka in a few days. Its just that I need to pack but I don’t really have a large bag. So I need to use my brain and see what I can pack. I would love to be able to only have to carry around one bag. But this is me, and I don’t pack lightly. So I will probably be taking two bags. I also need to think about taking bedding with me as I will be staying at a friends house for a night. To which I am very thankful for and I will repay you this time Annik!!!!!! I am currently now just waiting for painkillers to kick in before I go to sleep. Bad cramps are the worst. However, today is not so bad as I was able to take ibuprofen before it started to get really bad. I just need to buy more tomorrow as I didn’t realise I had very little left (like one tablet).  I hope it kicks in soon so I can sleep!!!