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Kept inside

I know I have been really bad for not posting on this site for a really time. But that is about to change. Things have been rather challenging over this year. There many been things that have been playing on mind and have kept inside for far too long. I remember the time when I was going through therapy… and its something that I always tell my friends, and thats is to never keep things inside. Venting out your thoughts is a rather helpful thing to do, so here I go.

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Getting this off my chest


If  you have spoken to my recently, you would no doubt have noticed that I have been asking advice on how I should take that step closer to the guy I like.


Okay, so you are not into the whole silly female romance, then please stop reading now!!




Since I came to Japan, I have been so confused as to what guys do here if they like someone. I knew guys were confusing, but its so much more the case here in Japan. Guys here are so mysterious and they can still spend time with you when its just two people and still won’t consider it to be a date.


when it comes to guys “chatting me up”, I will totally blind and just see it as them making conversation. Yet, when there is a guy I like, I don’t really know what to do.


All this time since I came here, there has been a guy who has been very nice and kind to me. Now if I really am reading too much into this, please tell me before I make a fool of myself. But there is a guy who I’ve only just noticed has been taken a slight interest in me. He seems a little shy though and takes a little while to build up the courage to ask me a question, which is so subtle yet cute.


He even stands rather close to me if we were alone in some situations. At first, I thought he does that to most people but I think people actually think we are dating already because he stands so close. And he even speaks in English when stands close. Which is the most adorable thing EVER!


I guess I didn’t really get the hint that he was interested in me until he asked me what I did to celebrate Halloween. I told him that I stayed at home, watched a movie and went to sleep alone. He said he went to sleep alone too. I think that was the first time if kind of clicked. He does always call me “Sarah” rather than “Sarah-san”, although that could be that he just knows how people in the west talk to each other. But no one else calls me without honorific’s.


I wasn’t really sure what to do. I think after that I found myself being aware of when he was in the room and before I leave, I noticed he is the first person I make eye-contact with. Maybe I am really picking out the little things but I have spoken to my close friends and they seem to say the say thing, that I am not imagining it.


Now the biggest obstacle is to come. How do I give him my contact details? When as I have some omiyage from my trip to Osaka, I am going to use that as an disguise. I going to try and make a little bag of presents for the people who talk to me the most. Its just that his will be bigger.  The only thing is how to give it to him. I can’t really call him out because that would be majorly awkward for me. Instead, I need to pass it to him like everyone else and try to make it be as normal as possible. Its just this is going to be embarrassing no matter what I do. And I need to get the timing right.




why is this oh so complicated?!?!


Now that I am aware of his kind of interest. I am starting to like him back. I might not know much about him, but there is still time. He tends to pop up in my head and I can’t stop it. It sounds stupid and I am sure I am annoying people. But I can’t help it. I know I’m not a young school girl who likes the popular guy in the school. I am getting older, but I still experiencing many things in my life and I would like to spend it with someone who likes me for who I am. I just want this to work out like I want it to and be truly happy for the first time in my life.