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Crazy Gal!

Now I am sorry for not even bothering to post anything in a very long time (Waaaay too long). But I have been super distracted with gaming. Oh, yes people! GAMING!!

Last year I bought a PS4 and I was really enjoying playing Overwatch, Diablo III, Doom and then Final Fantasy 15. Yet, as from January, I started playing an MMO Final Fantasy 14 because there was a 14 day trial and I’ve been playing it ever since. Its been a great way for me to practice Japanese… but it gets super addictive too easily and I would hate to see how many hours I have spent playing it already >.<

However, I have also been trying to keep an up-dated twitter account, CrzyGal86 (Crazy Gal 86) with pictures and using Japanese.
Runa Hyun

(It is set to private, but you will have to prove I know you before I let you view my account!)

But its really fun to play and there are lots of things to do. For example, there are many different classes for you to try and level up. My main class is a Black Mage (Well I am a goth… gotta do the Gothic things hahaha). Although I started the game as a White Mage (Healer). I switched to a black mage and I love it. I have many other classes but these two are the higher levels.

I do recommend people come and play! And if we are on the same server, add me as a friend!

Otherwise, I promise I will up-date this site soon as Summer vacation is looming around the corner and I want to watch more dramas to take a break from gaming rofl.


It’s been a while…