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Kept inside

I know I have been really bad for not posting on this site for a really time. But that is about to change. Things have been rather challenging over this year. There many been things that have been playing on mind and have kept inside for far too long. I remember the time when I was going through therapy… and its something that I always tell my friends, and thats is to never keep things inside. Venting out your thoughts is a rather helpful thing to do, so here I go.

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The Japanese Winter

The Japanese winter has finally taken its toll on me, I think. I have the start of a cold at a moment. I’ve been sniffing a lot so far today. But don’t worry, I have been taking medicine to help it pass. It is just annoying that I get the cold now and still have a week to teach. At least it was not so bad yesterday when I had a performance with the brass band club at my High School.

So yesterday, All the High Schools in Kuji played in a concert at the Amber Hall. It more of a show case of the Arts from the schools. I was asked to play at this concert last Tuesday and I was somewhat reluctant to agree. But I guess I shouldn’t hold back because my sight reading isn’t bad and I can pick things up quickly. So I gave it a shot and I didn’t do too bad on it. It was only Jupiter by Holst that proved, not only difficult for me, but for the students too. But we somehow got through it.

However, I almost got hit in the face by a flute on Saturday. They don’t position the band like an orchestra and put a pair at a bit of an angle. So when we played a piece, which has the band dancing, they really need to learn spatial awareness. Although, I can’t say anything, because I hit the girl next to me. I did feel a little worse because I am a foreigner and I guess I shouldn’t be there anyway.

I did enjoy myself and I was grateful for the opportunity to take part.


Okay so now for the up-date.

Some of you may (or may not) know that there is a guy who has taken a liking to me. It’s taken me a while to figure it all out, because my mind has been all over the place.


I gave the guy I like the small box of omiyage (souvenirs) from my trip. I say gave… I put it on his desk when he wasn’t there. But he did the cutest thing and I almost died. He came up to me with a huge smile on his face with the box at hand. He stood really close to me and then said thank you and “今年もよろしくお願いします”, which means “Please, look after me this year too”. I am sure I went red at the time because not only were there people behind us, but I was trying to work out how to use the photocopier with someone.  I did not say anything about my email was written inside, because that would be embarrassing as I try to figure out how to say it Japanese.

Now it’s the wonderful waiting game. He has my details, will there be an exchange?? As I didn’t see him last Thursday because he wasn’t here (I was feeling guilty and thought I did something really bad). But this morning, when I saw him, he was cute little “it’s cold but I want to say something” face.

If I hear anything, I am sure it will be up on my fb, so look out for it. LOL!


An Update

Well its been a long time since I posted, so here is an update so far about my life and what is new. I’m sorry if it is a little boring, but please bare with me and I hope it all becomes clear towards the end.


I passed the 20-Hour Weekend course. It was a little nerve wreaking at first, but after the ice breakers we all relaxed and really enjoyed ourselves. I was surprised to find out that I was the only one on the course who wants to go to Japan to teach. Most wanted to go to Thailand or to Brazil or Spain. It works out better for me as I don’t have many going for jobs there.

Interac Japan:

I finished my application for a position there last week. I am only waiting back for a reply to a question I sent last Thursday with regards to a query about References. Hopefully, I should hear back from them soon, so I can fully completely my application and get to the next stage that is the phone interview.


Well I persevered and made a painting on A4 using water colour and drawing Ink. But then I painted a bigger version on a canvas I got for my birthday this year. It might not sound like much but I really wanted to experiment using Ink in my work. I think it all turned out really well: http://sazzy-bu.deviantart.com/art/Sweet-Breeze-Canvas-328949022

I have also added some more images to my Society 6 profile. I have had a few people promote my work so far, however, I’ve yet to have anyone buy a piece. But my work is still progressing, so I’m not that surprised. http://society6.com/SazzyBu


Well the work is currently on hold till we get an electrician in to certify all the wiring. Only then will I will be happy fully finishing the decorating. But the water and gas isn’t connected at all. I am hoping to moving in before Christmas. I really need to get out of my parents house and live on my own. I’ve been too dependent for far too long now. I need to get back on my feet rather than secluding myself in my bedroom as its the only place that is really “My Space”. That I really have too much things in my room. Its all piled in so I don’t take over the spare room in the house. It just means that I have plenty of things to fill up my own house. Especially clothes wise. Even my art work is piling up too now. I really want to see what its like on the walls. Guess I will have to wait.


Well…. its still non-existent. There is someone that I like but I think its more unrequited than anything. Not that I really blame them. I am a strange person and I think it takes a lot to understand me. That I don’t think I’m good enough for them. A friend gave me a funny look when I agreed to that part. I really do wish that I didn’t have this low self-esteem. I just need to find someone to give me the right boost. But at the same time, I don’t think anything will ever happen as I want to leave in March next year (that is if everything goes to plan. I wanted to leave soon but that isn’t going to happen).

I would like for things to nicely fit into place, but I will have to see how things go for now. Its a lot of waiting, especially for work. Then there is the factor that I need to decide on what I really want to do. Do I confess or do I keep quiet and watch them be with someone else. So confusing but I honestly don’t know what to really do.


Well just so you all know, The telephone interview went well yesterday. They said that they are passing on my details and the notes from the interview. Soooooooo……… fingers crossed that I get a face-to-face interview.

Also, I’m currently working through all the requests that people have made. So far I’ve only done two but I’m getting there slowly!!

  • Requests
  • janners: Trade OC – http://fav.me/d2nfew0
  • hatekillslovethrills: OC – http://fav.me/d2nrxql
  • darkness-love: OC – Yet To Do
  • SaruwatariKazuko: OC’s – Yet To Do
  • KerriganMoonwolf: OC – Yet To Do
  • toraburu: Roy Mustang – Yet To Do

If you still want to make a request, then please feel free ^__^

News Update

I had been meaning to add a new entry, but it seems I never find the motivation to do so. So here I am, typing away.

I managed to figure out how to make a CSS gallery, and I am pleased to say, that it is finished unless I create new pieces, in which case I will be uploading them for all to see. The only other addition to the site, that I can think will help, is a guestbook. But I am not entirely sure if it will be a good thing to add. Due to the fact that I have this blog and I think I can get a plug-in to add a guest book to here. So please comment on if you think I should add one or not.

Otherwise, I have been able to get a 2 month extension to my course work. Seeing I only have 5 more topics to cover and that should be more than enough time to finish them. I’ve even gone as far as to make up a study timetable so I don’t spend so much time just doing one topic. I know it might be a little strange to do, but it really does help me a lot and thats the main thing. The only two long topics are PHP and CIW security but I am hoping to get them done quickly. I don’t want my parents to waste their money on something I never got around to finishing.

As far as my GFX skills go, I am kind of improving especially since I’ve become more serious in GFX and trying to get my skills up to a high level. I think at the moment, its more around intermediate level. So I must be getting there. If you haven’t noticed, I have even started to create wallpapers now. Some might not be as good as others. But I am really getting to photomontage type images. Its just the rendering of some of the images that takes a while. But I am really please with how they have turned out so far.

Which reminds me, I have also added a new section to the gallery, which is tutorials. I started making them ages ago. Seeing as this site is an online portfolio, I thought it would be wise to upload them to here. Some are better at explaining for those who are beginners but then the most recent is less explained to act more as a guide on how things where done rather than a instruction as I’ve seen in most signatures.

So please have a look around the site, and comment back ^_^


Well I am sure most of you can tell there has been a change in the skin for this site. Its not completely finished as I have yet to properly sort out the footer, but it is getting there. I don’t think I am some what an artist when its comes to design. But I suppose what I lack at the moment, I will hopefully gain with time.

Just being able to actually get this far with the skin is an achievement. It did take a while with the images to line up correctly. Which is what I tried to do first before I can create better graphics. But the layout is getting a little bit more technical with images above other images and using div tags. I must say, after trying to get this far in CSS, I really have become more knowledgable in the coding.  Just being able to remember the layout of CSS makes everything else a little easier. Because most of the properties within CSS can also be placed into other formates, it just happens to be worded differently, which if you remember the original CSS code and the code to which you want to add such attributes then its not that hard.

If anyone has any pointers then, please leave me a comment on what else I can do. ^___^

Web Designing

A couple of weeks ago I had eye opener if you like about where my life is really going. With my current job, where I have been working there for a year in December. The only kind of promotion I have gotten is that I now work at the bar as well as the restaurant. Its not exactly a big step forward but it is something at least.

However I have been neglecting my studies in Web Design for a very long time and its about time i get it all done so I can get a better job and leave my current job. I’ve already made myself a study plan and make sure that i do around 21 hours a week, its just that I really need to get my head down and do it. Making this web site is what I do inbetween studying to help practise my skills as a future web designer. I really do want to focus on designing web pages as a career. I wanted to study web design while I was at university but really I was only able to just touch the surface of dreamweaver and it didn’t really help me alot. Of course now I can really do more than I want and start learning; PHP, MySQL, ColdFusion, XML, Visual C#, AJAX, Java, JavaScript, Frontpage 2000 and a few others.

Now I plan to make weekly updates on my progress and really see the studying as a project and set goals and evaluate my progress.