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The Japanese Winter

The Japanese winter has finally taken its toll on me, I think. I have the start of a cold at a moment. I’ve been sniffing a lot so far today. But don’t worry, I have been taking medicine to help it pass. It is just annoying that I get the cold now and still have a week to teach. At least it was not so bad yesterday when I had a performance with the brass band club at my High School.

So yesterday, All the High Schools in Kuji played in a concert at the Amber Hall. It more of a show case of the Arts from the schools. I was asked to play at this concert last Tuesday and I was somewhat reluctant to agree. But I guess I shouldn’t hold back because my sight reading isn’t bad and I can pick things up quickly. So I gave it a shot and I didn’t do too bad on it. It was only Jupiter by Holst that proved, not only difficult for me, but for the students too. But we somehow got through it.

However, I almost got hit in the face by a flute on Saturday. They don’t position the band like an orchestra and put a pair at a bit of an angle. So when we played a piece, which has the band dancing, they really need to learn spatial awareness. Although, I can’t say anything, because I hit the girl next to me. I did feel a little worse because I am a foreigner and I guess I shouldn’t be there anyway.

I did enjoy myself and I was grateful for the opportunity to take part.


Okay so now for the up-date.

Some of you may (or may not) know that there is a guy who has taken a liking to me. It’s taken me a while to figure it all out, because my mind has been all over the place.


I gave the guy I like the small box of omiyage (souvenirs) from my trip. I say gave… I put it on his desk when he wasn’t there. But he did the cutest thing and I almost died. He came up to me with a huge smile on his face with the box at hand. He stood really close to me and then said thank you and “今年もよろしくお願いします”, which means “Please, look after me this year too”. I am sure I went red at the time because not only were there people behind us, but I was trying to work out how to use the photocopier with someone.  I did not say anything about my email was written inside, because that would be embarrassing as I try to figure out how to say it Japanese.

Now it’s the wonderful waiting game. He has my details, will there be an exchange?? As I didn’t see him last Thursday because he wasn’t here (I was feeling guilty and thought I did something really bad). But this morning, when I saw him, he was cute little “it’s cold but I want to say something” face.

If I hear anything, I am sure it will be up on my fb, so look out for it. LOL!


Hello Winter

tumblr_mvm5p3hk0g1qj5sxuo1_500It has been so long since I wrote something. I’m sorry T_T

So to up-date people. Autumn here in Japan has been and gone T_T It was so short compared to England. The colours were so beautiful. I was driving to Morioka one weekend to see my BFF’s Annik and Limor for a weekend of shopping and catching up. On the way I couldn’t help but stop and take photo’s as I left with plenty of time to spare.

It’s now the start of winter. The night’s are definitely colder and the mornings are cold, making it hard to get up. But I have prepared for winter and I just need to stock up on long-life food just in case. But, really, I cannot wait to see a decent amount of snow. In England, we get so little snow that our snow sculptures are average. Yet here that will change!

There is only one downside though. I am still single this winter, and it is my first Christmas away from the family. Its going to be something new or me. Unless things change before then……

Its still hard to believe that I have been living in another country for over 8 months. I have felt so at home here and as every day is still unpredictable, it makes it more exciting. I am looking forward to my second year here and hope my students continue to be supportive as they have been. Although, I will miss my third year high school students. They have been a joy to teach (well one class may be more troublesome than a joy and have tested my endurance and stress levels). Nonetheless, they were the first year to warm up to me and make me feel welcomed, I would love to go to the leaving ceremony and say my goodbye’s properly.  I still have four months with the students and hope to make their last year at high school a memorable one.