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Another Job

I finally got the approval of my company to work at a small English Cafe school. I will be teaching a small group of adults easy English. It will be my first time teaching adults. So I will do my very best to teach them. I won’t be alone, there will be a Japanese native speaker there to help me. It will also be great to have another job where I can earn that extra money so I can hopefully go to Tokyo this winter!

This will be the perfect opportunity to not only teach a different age range but I get to learn Japanese too. I’ve already had one of the English teachers I work with help me with a Japanese phrase I practiced on the board. I completely forgot about one particle, which I told her a little while before that I found はand が difficult, although I am better at them than I was. I was just happy that what I wrote made sense. A student who was still the room after class said I had nice writing. Its just a shame that I write better than I can speak. But I am working on the speaking part now.
So wish me luck in starting this new class!! Its going to be great to be teaching adult mothers who want to learn English but have never had a chance to learn because they have been busy with raising their children. The place where I will be work is more like a cafe and mothers can bring their children and be learning in a relaxed atmosphere so they won’t feel pressured. I just hope I can do a really good job. I am going to try my best with using Japanese to translate into English for them.

I’m Alive!!

Oh yes, I am still very much alive. Well at least I hope I am. Otherwise I’m sure thing are still going on fine without me. I’ve been so busy with my new Job that its very much a big part of my life at the moment. I’m working to help pay back my parents. And they are being supportive at the moment. I can’t wait till I can fully repay them. But I still have to see if I am able to get more contracted hours at work first before I can be really happy. As 14 hours a week just isn’t going to help much. Might pay back the mortgage, but that isn’t including all the bills I am going to have to pay. But I am really enjoying myself. So I really can’t complain. Everyone is so nice to not only the customers but other partners (its a working partnership company ^__^ ). So thats probably why everyone gets on and tries to do the work to the best of their abilities. Although there is some who still need to get used to things. But it will be easier come January, when we don’t have to worry about the Christmas rush. oooooohhhhhhhhhh I got my first real Commission!! I’m so excited but nervous at the same time. I have a fellow partner at work who has giving me some photo’s which he would like to be digitally re-do for him. He has very generously given me £30 to draw the image and is willing to pay for a photo frame on top of that too. OMG! I’m so nervous about doing it really well so he doesn’t regret paying me to do it for him :XD: I really hope it doesn’t result in a complete and utter disaster! I will be trying my best, I just hope I don’t over do it! Its strange actually being paid for some thing that I wouldn’t normally get someone to pay me to do. On here, DA, I’m used to just getting requests and not being paid to do it. I guess it really does make a bigger impact on how you go about things. I’ve started the piece but thats only the basic skin layer first. But I hope I can complete it before Christmas. Get the frame. And print it off at such a good quality that its worth £30. Maybe its just being really nervous about doing this project… My colleague did say, that I could make a living out of doing it. But being an artist, I am my worst critic and I don’t think I’m at such a level where my work is worthy to be paid for. But I can’t say that to a customer. I don’t want them to lack faith in me. Thats just bad business XD Otherwise, sorry to those who usually read my KHR chapter journal entries, I have been reading but I’m working so much (did 45 hours at work last week :XD:) that I don’t even have enough to catch up with the anime and manga that I’m following. I feel so behind on everything. I don’t really know what to do with my spare time that I do have.

Well just so you all know, The telephone interview went well yesterday. They said that they are passing on my details and the notes from the interview. Soooooooo……… fingers crossed that I get a face-to-face interview.

Also, I’m currently working through all the requests that people have made. So far I’ve only done two but I’m getting there slowly!!

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If you still want to make a request, then please feel free ^__^

Nerves Starting to Build

Last Friday, I actually applied for a job… Shock Shock Horror Horror!


I filled in the online application form last Friday and I got an email on Monday saying that I have been accepted into having a telephone interview. First of all… OMG I have an interview! Second… OMG they replied! Well, I rang the recruitment number, and I have my telephone interview tomorrow (Wednesday 14th April) at 9am.

I’ve never worked in a bank before, but I’m a fast learner so it won’t be so bad. From what they told me on the phone, if I am accepted for the job, I will have 4 weeks of full time training Monday to Friday, and then I will be working part-time hours afterwards, working on Saturday’s if needed. To me that sounds like a pretty cool job. I would finally get some stable working hours. Plus the income is better than at my previous work where I was a waitress and bartender. How I managed to stay in that place for over a year I do not know. But a bank job would be better than that, thats for sure.

So wish me luck for tomorrow!!!