Teaching English in Japan

Ok…. So a co-worker suggested that if I really want to go to Japan, then I should think about teaching there. At first I didn’t take her seriously. But now, after really considering it, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I was thinking of taking a teacher career when I was at Uni, but I didn’t really get that far. Plus now as I don’t have to worry tying myself down ready for my ex to move in with me. I’ve got the freedom to go there for a year.. maybe more if I find myself an Japanese hunk when I’m there >.>


I looked into the qualifications that I would need, and all I need to get is a TEFL certification. I have already got a degree, so I don’t have to worry about that. Although, the course prices aren’t as cheap as I hoped, with the company I work for, they allow workers to get money for educational courses. So I’m going to enquire more at work and see what is really available for me. I might as well get some of the fees paid for me as its an experience of a life time. Plus I have a passionate (not really in the concept of having a fetish for Asian guys… but I guess that could be included) admiration for the country, and as I plan to go on holiday there next year, I might at well do something really worth while, right?!

I know that its a big thing to decide. But it will be something I will never forget! Plus if I do get accepted into a teaching position in Japan, then isn’t one way to learn the language? At least then I will be surrounded my native speakers. So it will be easier to pick up the language. Now I know I won’t be going this year, but I can at least take the teaching course and then try to apply ready for the new school year in.. April isn’t it? At least then I can continue to work at the company I’m with right now, get my house ready for me to live in. So while I’m in Japan, I can possible let my house mate run the place, so if I come back for a holiday, at least then I will get to relax in my own house. Could even bring some friends back with me (this is just me thinking btw… that’s if I get a job there…). Plus, it would be so cool to be called “Sensei” hehehe

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